Oakley | 2 week's old

 Today Oakley turns two weeks old. He already fits into our family like he has always been here. We had our first health visitor appointment on Monday and he now weighs 8lbs 11oz which is still under his birth
weight but not by too much. He has been feeding better this week and wakes up for the most part every 3 hours for a feed and takes between 2-4 ounces, He is still in newborn clothes but i really want him to grow so i can put him in his 0-3months clothes as i have so many cute outfits for him to wear.

He is already changing and i can sometimes see Lilly is him when he is sleeping. His cord finally fell off on Monday which i was happy about because changing his nappy was even more awkward with the clip hanging down.

Night time is still when Oakley likes to be awake the most, he wakes at half 1 and half 5 but he takes so long to go back to sleep and wont settle unless I'm holding him. He also has to hold my finger whilst he feeds to sooth him off to sleep. He does sleep when Lilly naps so if i need to get a power nap in i still can which is amazing! The hair dryer seems to be the best thing to get Oakley to sleep if i need to or even the hover sends him straight to sleep.

Oakley is still jaundice, the health visitor just popped in to check his colour and has recommend we go and see the gp tomorrow for him to decided if Oakley needs more blood test and possible back in hospital for treatment which i don't think will happen because his colour has improved so much and i can now see the pink coming through his skin.

He is such a dream during the day now, he sleeps for the most part but when he is awake he is so content and his eyes now follow me and my voice.
We were back on labour ward at the weekend, my bleeding stopped and then i had just started to pour of blood and because i am anaemic i went really faint and dizzy which ended up with a trip into labour ward to make sure there wasn't a infection or any placenta left. Luckily everything seems OK and it was because i have been overdoing it.

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