What's in my baby's hospital bag

I am 39 weeks and i am due to have a c-section this week and thought it was about time i packed mine and baby's hospital bag! With Lilly i only packed enough things for staying 2 days. I also was told at my 3D scan
at 28 weeks to prepare for a big baby so i packed only 0-3 months which were so big she looked ridiculous in everything so my mum had to go out and buy what she could in tiny baby for her. This time i have again been told he is big (they estimate 9lbs 8) but its a bit more accurate as i have regular growth scans but still everyone says that they can be wrong and he may be smaller. Before i knew his size i only had firsst size clothes packed, but now i have some newborn and two first size (just incase) and a pile of both sizes at home so mike can bring me more of whatever size if needed. 

I also packed a whole grooming set, towel, baby book and all that for Lilly and it was never used as my hospital dont allow you to bath them there so im not taking that this time. I have packed everything into my new storksak Olivia change bag, it has so much room and lots of different pockets to organize things. Here is everything i am taking for baby boy. I do also have nappies packed but they are in my bag as they wont fit.I was in hospital for 5 days with Lilly so i have packed for up to 5 days.

                                                                 4 new born sleep suits
2 first size sleep suits
5 short sleeved vests
    3 muslin cloths 
A blanket (i may take another incase)
 Going home outfit
Water wipes
2 Soothers (sterilized)
Baby powder
baby oil
Nail clippers

That is everything that i am taking, if i need anything else then Mike will be coming every day and can bring anything i need.


  1. Oh my gosh your C section is this week! So excited for you hun! x

    Abigail Bryony

  2. That is a very well packed baby bag! Loving the sleepsuits x


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