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When it comes to pancake day there are so many fun things to add into your mixture to make them as naughty and tasty as possible! Mike loves his on pancake day with all the extras, lemon, syrup, chocolate the lot but me and Lilly just like ours with some chocolate spread in the middle and i add sugar to mine. I really used to hate pancakes, when i was a child the smell of my mum making pancakes used to make me feel sick but i now love them as a extra special treat.

There are so many ready made pancake mixes around at pancake day but they are so simple to make i would recommend trying them yourself, the quick, easy and taste so much better. I found a recipe last year when i first had Lilly try pancakes that has never failed me and even Mike says they taste better than his mums! I always use fry light to fry them in, i don't like the taste if i just add oil and think the overall texture is so much better with a few sprays of fry light in the pan before adding the mixture.

For the pancakes you will need:
200g plain flour
350ml milk
2 large eggs
1 tbs veg oil
A pinch of salt
fry light for frying

All you need to do now is mix everything together until smooth and no lumps and add some fry light to the pan, then add some of the mixture to the pan and fry for a couple of minutes on each side (i fry until the runny mixture on the top is slightly cooked) then flip over! 

We added dairy milk chocolate spread to ours today and they tasted so good!! What do you add in yours?! 

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  1. Your pancakes look amazing! We always just have ours with lemon and sugar x


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