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If you have read my 'goals for 2015' post then you may know one of my goals for 2015 is to start a project life scrap book. I was watching Lily pebbles video where she was talking about her scrapbook and like alot of bloggers i wanted to start my own. It seems to have taken the blogging world by storm and through most of January alot of the things were sold out on line and also in hobby craft stores.

I love taking pictures but have always wanted them somewhere else that stored on a hard drive or in my phone. The amount of iphones i have broken and lost a big part of Lilly's life in photos makes me really sad and memories i will never get back. Since Lilly was born i every couple of months i started to print photos of her and have made photo albums for every year of her life, but this year i really liked the idea of scrap booking our family life from month to month putting in photos of things we have done, places we have visited and i think it will be so lovely to look back on when my children are older.

I have always loved the idea of scrap booking, before Lilly was born i made her one with all scrap materials from hobby craft but it became a little overwhelming and i didn't keep up with it. what i love about project life is how simple it is. With the kits that you can buy its made simple and looks really creative without all the little bits and bobs.

Project life was started by Becky Higgins to simplify scrap booking. The only downside is that it is a pricey project to start depending on how into it you want to get. The basics you need you can find in Hobby craft or on amazon. I have been into hobby craft and they have been sold out of folders every time i have been in but i managed to pick up this pink one with a heart and it was just sat on a shelf away from everything else and i didn't realise but it has some slight damage on the front and they took off 10% so i didn't mind too much but i would have preferred a immaculate one. The folders are £19.99 and come in range of styles.

The next thing you will need to decided yourself if you need is a core kit, these are £29.99 but come with 616 different cards to fill your scrap book. There are also smaller kits available if you want to have different themes and for different months. I noticed on line they do a baby girl/boy kit and a wedding kit if you wanted to make a baby scrap book or wedding etc. To get started i wanted to buy a core kit i choose the midnight core kit mainly because there were only two in the store and i preferred this one to the other. They have on the back of some of them advice on where to put them in your scrap book and the rest are double sided. I also really like the fact that along with lovely illustrations some are lined so there is room to write on

The last essential is what style of page protectors to buy. There are a few different styles and i choose 'A' as i like the 4 small sections in the middle and the 4 larger sections for photos. I only bought one pack of 12 which was £6.99 as I'm not sure if i want to keep this style running all the way through or change it up a bit throughout. There is a pack available with all different styles in.

 There is also alot of craft things to buy if you want to decorate the pages and cards even more. Washi tape is a big one as its great for sticking on photos and writing on it. I have a few already as i like to decorate my filofax with it. I will do another post with some more of the craft things i buy for this scrap book but in this post i wanted to show how I'm getting started.


  1. Love this! I really wanted to start one too with I saw her video but then I just wouldn't have the time now haha xx

    1. Haha no i can imagine you don't have much time for anything at the min xx

  2. This looks so good and a lot of fun to put together x

    1. It will be lovely to look back on, and i really enjoy doing little things like this x


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