Benefit Roller Lash | First Impressions

I'm sure everyone is now aware that Benefit have bought out a new mascara called roller lash. They have teamed up with Elle magazine to give a sample size of the mascara for us all to try before the actual mascara launches in March. Benefit already have the number 1 selling mascara 'They're real' which i have to admit i never got along with and i tried a sample size of it and never wanted to buy it. There is alot of hype over this new mascara and like the beauty lover i am i really wanted to try it. I am always looking for a new mascara to try as i haven't found THE perfect mascara for me and i need a water proof mascara to take to hospital with me.

As the name and all the pretty marketing suggests 'roller lash' is inspired by rollers. Just like how a roller adds curl and volume to the hair, and Benefit state its 'a roller for your lashes' I have little stumpy blonde eyelashes and i am really picky about what mascara i use a find some too 'wet' and others i have to apply so much to get the effect i want my lashes get really clumpy and i find myself picking it off (bad habit of mine) however when i first applied Roller lash i was pleasantly surprised. I really like the curved brush it really helps lift the lashes without too much hard work. This mascara has a curve setting formula which helps to set the curl in place for 12 hours, i cant comment on that yet as i haven't used it enough but it also has special conditioning ingredients for your lashes.

Roller lash is also waterproof which i am currently looking for as I'm about to give birth and I'm guessing there will be alot of tears. My first impressions from trying this is that it doesn't feel heavy or thick on my lashes and i don't have to apply loads of coats to get a dramatic effect that i like. It doesn't smudge or flake either, so many mascaras can give that panda eye look after a bit of wear but i didn't get that from roller lash. In my opinion this mascara is worth all the hype its getting and i will be purchasing the large one when its available.

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  1. I love this mascara. Its so good. The mascara is already out. I literally just wrote a post and linked the mascara to the benefit website, where its available to buy. I didn't see anything about pre-order. x

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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