2015 Goals

Well its now 2015 which means the start of a new year and all that new me stuff. I wasn't going to set myself any resolutions or goals this year but as we have been hit with a horrible viral infection and have been stuck in bed since new years eve i have actually had time to sit and reflect on the last year and how i would like to change a few things in my life. 2015 is going to be a big year for us as we will be welcoming another baby into our family, and as we dont plan on having any more this will complete our family.

For my blog:

Improve on my photography  I think alot of bloggers always aim to do the same and i really wanted to get a new DSLR but with a new baby on the way its just getting lower on the list so i have to try and work with the DSLR i have and learn more how to use it and edit properly. I have bought some box lights to help me take clearer pictures of products and i also want to start taking my camera out with me and capturing moments of Lilly's life. Im a visual person and i love blogs with clear crisp pictures and i always look at my own and it kind of puts me off my blog because i have a image of how i want things to look but they never seem to turn out that way.

Blog more I want to try and blog at least twice - three times a week. I also want to do more beauty posts and document my familys life a little more on here. I love looking back at old lifestyle posts and i want to do more of those types of posts along with my pregnancy updates.

For me:

Live a healthier life This would be the whole loose weight etc one but im obviously pregnant and its just not the rite time but i do want to try and live a healthier lifestyle. I put alot of crap into my body and before falling pregnant was eating a lot better and going for long walks and generally feeling better in myself. I want to start eating better and generally living a better lifestyle.

Remember those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter 2014 was actually not the best year for me as a person. I felt as though certain people in my life bought me down the beginning of the year and I kind of started to loose who I was. I'm generally a very kind person with a huge heart and just want to be happy and laugh as much as I can but I felt like a huge part of me was missing and I spent the year questioning myself. This year I want to focus on the people that matter and who love me for me and try to keep a positive outlook on things.

For our family

Family days out This is something I want to carry on from last year. We did a lot more days out last year and discovered new places to visit and family activities to do and I want to continue to find new things and place to go. Mikes job is very demanding which has the benefit that I'm able to be a stay at home mum but also the negative that he works a lot so spending time as a family is really important to both of us.

Get Lilly to eat meat and veg Yep that's rite Lilly refuses to eat meat or veg. In fact the last couple of weeks has refused most foods. I have to hide things in her food and if she realises I have put something in it she won't ever eat it again. I know toddlers go through fazes of not wanting to eat certain foods but Lilly has always been the same. I always cook her something different to me and we don't always eat at the same time and I really want to make a effort to eat the same things at the same time.

Start a project life scrapbook  recently watched lily pebbles video on her scarpbook and fell in love with the idea. Every couple of month I print photos of Lilly and have made a photo album each year of her life with photos of her growing up and changing so I can look back and when she's older she can too. As I want to take more photos of our family and special moments what better way to make a family scrap book. I love being creative and I want to do a scap book of photos of things we did each month.

So they are my goals for this year. I have kept them simple and completly do able so I will hopefully stick to them all. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year and also thank you to everyone that reads and follows my blog I appreciate every single one of you 😄


  1. such a lovely post! i love the scrapbook idea such a wonderful way to keep memories, especially for your children to look back on when they're older. & i also totally agree with the 'remember those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter'-this is similar to one of my resolutions!

    Good luck with all of these and I hope you have a magical year!

    http://samoxborrow.blogspot.co.uk xo

  2. Our goals this year are very similar, especially the blogging ones and lifestyle ones! Good luck with them, I`m sure you can do it :) x

  3. Great goals. I totally can relate to you when you you say those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. You have to look at life that way in order to be happy. I used to judge myself constant because I thought other were judging me. But the fear is yourself and once you realise how amazing you are and everything you have to offer to anything you do in life is unique nothing will stop you. Glad to have found your blog. Look forward to more posts, Tanita x


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