FLASH Jimmy Choo - Review

When it comes to fragrance it's clear to say that it is a very personal thing. I'm not one of those girls that has lots of different perfumes I love, in fact there is only one which I found many years ago whilst browsing duty free "Stella" in one. Stella is 'my scent' its the only perfume I found that I really love and to this date I have never found a perfume I prefer. Although I love my Stella I do have a small collection that people usually buy me for Christmas or birthdays, some unused and still in boxes as I'm so particular with my scents very few hit the mark.

This Christmas my mum bought me 'flash' by Jimmy choo, the box was a lovely glittery box and I thought it was going to be like most others and sit sadly in its box (sorry mum), used every now and again when I ran out of Stella. I was wrong. 

The bottle is a lovely disco ball type look and is a lovely purple colour. It came in a gift set, and the box was covered in silver sparkle. I find explaining scents really hard but this is a girly yet sophisticated scent, dare i say it to me it reminds me of a more sophisticated Britney spears scent which i think was called curious (i actually liked it) When i first sprayed Flash it is a nice scent but quiet over powering and a little sickly, which wears off to a lovely woody scent. It smells clean and quite floral like and would be perfect for the evening. I also was surprised at how long it lasted, it really does have a good staying power with just a few sprays.

What's your favourite perfume

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