Emma-Jane Next Generation Maternity Bra Review*

When i was packing my hospital bag to have Lilly i never ever considered a maternity bra or even breast pads for that matter. I just assumed because i wasn't breast feeding that i wouldn't need a maternity bra and my regular bra would be fine. I was very VERY wrong. Anyone who has had a baby and knows whats its like when your milk comes in will know the importance of a good maternity/nursing bra. My milk came on day three and i was still in hospital and i was not prepared at all. My boobs literally doubled in size and were so painful and heavy. I was in so much pain the midwife advised my mum to go and buy me a good maternity bra, She said not to buy a padded one, one that's basically a normal bra but one with no padding and elasticated around the bottom, kind of like a sports bra. The midwife said that to help ease the pain a good maternity bra was a must as it would help pull and support everything.

 When i was offered the chance to review the Emma-jane next generation maternity bra i jumped at the chance. It is exactly what i have been looking for to add to my hospital bag. I am lucky that my regular bra's still fit through pregnancy but you can wear this maternity bra at any point in pregnancy when your normal bras feel uncomfortable. In the first trimester my boobs felt very sore and painful and i would recommend this from then as its perfect because it isn't under wired as this can cause the milk ducts to clog.

Another great thing about this bra is that it expands as you do as it is stretchy and has four back adjusters to grow with you. Its also extremely comfortable and feels like you are not wearing anything at all and is a welcomed change in my pregnancy as my bump is growing the wire in my bras are digging into where baby boy is laying.

The next generation bra has a ruched middle, and each cup has a clip for easy access on each side. The clips are also comfortable and really easy to unclasp and then re clip after feeding. When one side is unclasped the other side stays supported. The next generation maternity bra 'Kate' is also very affordable at only £14 which you can purchase from the Emma-jane website here  which i think is fantastic as most maternity bras are £30+ Its also available in two colour, this lovely pink or a pale blue to add a bit of colour to your maternity wardrobe and help you feel good from under to outerwear.The bra comes in a one size cup which fits from b-f and 3 back sizes 34-38.

The Emma-Jane maternity has a range of Maternity items on the website from nursing bras to clothing and night wear all at affordable prices.They have won many awards for their items and as the uk's largest maker of maternity and nursing clothing are loved by many women in the uk. If you are pregnant and looking for a good maternity bra or one to add to your hospital bag then i would highly recommend the next generation maternity bra.

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