What's In Lilly's Stocking

This year i have decided to make Lilly her own little stocking. I have never had a stocking and as Lilly really likes small little toys i thought it would be a great idea to put any of the little bits i buy her for christmas in a stocking. I did buy the stocking fillers before i actually bought the stocking and there are a few things that dont fit in but i will just wrap them and put them under the tree. The stocking is from next, and when i saw it i had to get it as its so pretty and sparkly. Although its quite thin i was surprised at what i can stuff in there and all of this fits in.

I choose things to go in there that are some of Lilly's favourite things. She love collection little toys and would much prefer to sit and play with her shopkins than on a tab.Everything in here is under £10 and most around a £1 and most of the stuff i have picked up in tesco the last few weeks on my weekly shop. Lilly is 2.5 and for her these are her perfect for her. Im going to wrap everything up and give it to her christmas morning in bed. Im super excited for Christmas this year and having a toddler makes it so special and i feel like it really brings back the magic of Christmas/

Piny pon (ELC)
Palace pets (Asda)
Animal rescue (Tesco)

Baby bottle set (b&m)
Micky mouse instrument set (pound shop)

Minnie mouse yoyo (Tesco)
Santa chocolate ( Tesco)
Surprise egg
Minnie mouse microphone (Tesco)


  1. Aww! That's a pretty stocking....
    Looks like she's going to be a happy girl on Christmas morning x

  2. Awh thats such a good idea, looks beautiful!



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