What's In Lilly's Christmas Eve Basket

Hi everyone! Last year we started a tradition which was a Christmas eve basket. I filled it with things for Christmas eve to get Lilly ready for Christmas with things like new pj's bubble bath etc. Sadly Lilly had a viral infection last Christmas and didnt really take any notice in it or even her presents as she was so ill so this year im hoping for a sick free few days so she can enjoy the festive period.

This year im doing both a stocking and a christmas eve basket. I know some only do one or the other but for us a christmas eve basket is full of things for christmas eve and bedtime to get ready for Christmas and a stocking full of small gifts.Im really happy with my basket this year, i have been planning what to put it in for a while and im super excited to give it to Lilly. I plan on putting it by the Christmas tree Christmas eve morning and telling her the elf's left it for being a good girl. Although she doesnt 100% under stand what Christmas is, she knows who santa and his elf's are and that they will be bring her presents if she is a good girl.

I have included in this basket some new pj's something for the bath, some activites to do on the day, a story for bed time and some chocolate bits. I bought the basket off ebay and i bought the medium size.

Ribbon - £1 shop
Sams snowflake - Costco
Peppa pj's - f&f
Stickers - £1 shop
The snowman gift box - Tesco
Santa key - b&m
Santa plate and mug - b&m
Decoration - gift
Chocolate - Tesco

The only thing i have left to put in is some reindeer hot chocolate which we will be making the 


  1. This is such a great idea. I hope she has a poorly free Christmas x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. Aww! What a gorgeous basket! I make my girls one up. It's such fun x

  3. how cute! What a shame she was ill last year, hope this year is much better :) x


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