Tommee Tippiee complete starter kit

My mum kindly bought us the Tommee tippee closer to nature complete starter set a few weeks ago and i thought i would share it with you. If you are deciding to take the bottle route i wold highly recommend a set like this as it has everything you need to get started.

With Lilly i used Avent bottles and products and they were fine but since then tommee tippee have bought out the perfect prep machine which i think is such a helpful product especially for those night feeds that we plan on getting it and just decided to get everything tommee tippee.

My mum bought this set from asda which was on offer for £65 down from £99 then on line they also have a extra 20% off so she ended up getting such a good deal on it. It has since gone back up to £100 but it does always go on offer especially when they have a baby event so if you see it grab it when you can. The starter set has everything in it and includes

  •  Electric steam steriliser

    • Travel steriliser
    • Electric bottle and food warmer
    • 150ml bottles x 3 with soft flow teats (Birth+)
    • 260ml bottles x 5 with soft flow teats (Birth+)
    • Medium flow teats x 2 (3 to 6 Months)
    • Fast flow teats x 2 (6+ Months)
    • Milk storage lids x 4
    • Milk powder dispensers x 6 (Birth+)
    • Insulated bottle bags x 2
    • Bottle and teat brush x 1
    • Pure Soother x 1, Birth to 3 months
    • 1 x Teat tongs
    • BPA free for total reassurance
    I'm going to do a full review on the bottles and steriliser once baby boy is here and i have used it properly. I really like the fact you get so many bottles and the little milk dispensers which sit in the bottle is a really good idea and saves room in a change bag and is just so much more convenient if your out and about. I also really like the bottle brush because it pulls apart and has a little applicator which gets right into the teat which is something i used to be really ocd about but struggle to properly clean up there. The travel steralizer is also a great product as i used to have to drag the whole thing with me if i was staying at my mums for the night or when we went away for a few nights it would just be so much easier to take this, although it only does one bottle at a time its still saves space.

    For a look and see whats in the box you can watch my video below :)

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    1. This seems to handy! Although I'm fifteen so hope I won't need this any timme soon! xx

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