Peppa Pig Gift Hamper

I really enjoy making gift hampers at Christmas In the past i have made hampers for mine and mikes mum full of pamper things and this year i am making my sister a special little hamper. I was browsing ebay for peppa pig items to put in her stocking this year and came across a seller who made character hampers. I thought it was a lovely gift idea and i was going to buy one however the things that were inside i had previously seen in the bargain stores and thought i could make one myself.

So off i went to the £1 shop and b&m bargains and picked up anything i could find peppa pig., I also bought a few things from my local super market. I'm really happy with how it looks, i just need to add a pretty ribbon around the basket to completely finish it. All of this cost around £20 and it would make a great gift for a niece or nephew or your own child and you can always choose your child's favourite character. B&m has a whole selection of frozen, Minnie mouse and spider man.

I will be putting this under the tree and wrapping the whole thing as one for Lilly to open Christmas day. This in itself will be a great present for her and i know she is going to really like it as anything with Peppa pig makes her smile and happy and i cant wait for her to see it.

Peppa pig flask (£1 shop)
Sandwich box  (£1 shop)

The annual 2015 (Tesco)

Bath sponge (b&m)
Bubble bath (Tesco)
5 day bubble bath (b&m)

 Watch (b&m)
 Torch (b&m)

Surprise egg (sainsburys)
Giant playing cards ( Sainsburys)
Peppa pig chocolate ( b&m)


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