Christmas 2014

Hi everyone! Its new years eve and i haven't even posted anything about our Christmas I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! I have been so busy preparing for Christmas, seeing family and friends and trying to get my house in some sort of order after the amount of new toys took over. We have now taken our Christmas tree down which is earlier than i usually do but it was the only chance we had before the new year.

This Christmas we decided to spend at home with just the three of us, which is the last year we will be a family of three! We have always been with our families Christmas day and thought it may be quiet and not like Christmas but we really had such a lovely day and having a toddler at Christmas really does add some Christmas magic! Christmas eve morning i gave Lilly her Christmas eve basket under the tree and we spent the day playing with whats inside then the afternoon we went over to mikes parents for dinner and to exchange gifts. The evening me and mike had to do the whole sneaking down stairs with presents and putting them under the tree. I was so excited to see Lilly's face when she saw all her presents and i was like a kid and couldn't sleep. Lilly is at the age where she gets excited and now knows what presents are and how to open them.

Christmas morning we gave Lilly her stocking in bed and she was so happy to open her little presents and would have been happy with just that. Then we went downstairs and tried to look outside to see if Santa had been and eaten his cookie but she wasn't interested and ran straight in the front room. She first just took the surprise eggs out of her peppa pig hamper then started ripping open her presents. She was so funny and only wanted to open the big presents, anything that looked liked clothes she didn't open at all! It was also the first year i have cooked a Christmas dinner. Although it was just for us three i tried to do it like our families do but we had a chicken instead of a turkey as we both aren't the biggest fan of turkey and i only really eat chicken. As if by chance i actually made my best roast dinner to date even after nearly burning my roast potatoes!

The rest of the evening we spent playing with Lilly's new toys and just enjoying every moment seeing Lilly happy is the best feeling in the world. Boxing day we went up to my mums and spent the day with my family. It then snowed, alot! It was raining then all of a sudden it started to snow which stuck and we had to leave quickly before it got too bad to drive. I love snow so much but when you have a long drive ahead it really wasn't welcomed that evening.

I hope you all have a safe New years and i look forward to 2015 which will be the year we complete our little family and continue to watch my Little baby grow into the little girl she is fast becoming!

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