Decorating Our Gingerbread House

Before Lilly was born i always used to make decorate a ginger bread house as a little tradition and was always something i wanted to do when i children. Now Lilly is two she can help and really enjoyed decorating this with me. After a bit of a fail and trying to stick it on the tray the wrong way round it was really easy to put together but the decorating looks easier than it is but its still our little creation and Lilly is so pleased with it she keeps telling everyone she made a ginger bread house and showing it off with pride.

As a little Christmas activity we really enjoyed it and will be doing this ever year. As for eating it none of us like ginger bread so it is just a cute table decoration.

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  1. Lilly is gorgeous! And that gingerbread house looks so yummy!! Such a lovely thing to do together :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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