Our Halloween 2014

I cannot believe we are in November already! Before we know it Christmas will be here! I Like to use my blog as a little diary so we can always look back and i thought i would share our Halloween 2014.

I love Halloween so much and have been excited for the last month! In the week leading to Halloween we made spooky ghost cupcakes and i also let Lilly paint her own little pumpkin. She had so much fun and we also covered it with little pom pom balls and glitter then on Thursday we calved it with a cute little heart.

On Halloween we went to a local toddler Halloween event which is like a Easter egg hunt but for Halloween and fancy dress. Lilly had so much fun looking for sweets and i dressed up in a huge pumpkin outfit, completely out of my comfort zone to do something like that but i thought it was funny and i did get alot of the parents giving me funny looks but Lilly loved it and that's all i cared about.

Then we came home and i did contemplate taking Lilly trick or treating but i wasn't sure if she would completely under stand and would probably ending going in everyone's house so we took her around some of the houses which were decorated, and let me tell you alot of people went all out which was great to see. 

We then waited for trick or treaters, i wasn't sure how many we would get as this is our fist Halloween in this house and we live in a quiet road with not many kids but we did get a few and Lilly was answering the door saying Happy Halloween. The next morning when the post came, Lilly said 'oh no its another happy halloween' haha!
I hope you all had a great Halloween!

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