Foxy locks extensions review // Superior set #90 platinum blonde

Its no lie i am a lover of hair extensions, i have worn hair extensions since i was about 17, all types and lots of mistakes later i came across clip in hair extensions. From having to sew my own clips on and paying high prices for bad quality hair extensions in 2009 i found foxy locks on youtube and i have never looked back.

Foxy locks are by far the best clip in hair extensions on the market. My most read post is my review of foxy locks which you an read here I have seen company's see the success of foxy locks and try to start their own business copying her work and i have never felt like anyone quiet gets its right. I have bought so many SETS of foxy locks over the years and i always go through a faze of wanting my hair super long, then cutting my extensions to my hair length for volume, then long and so on.

A few months ago Foxy locks changed the superior set from one quad weft and the rest normal to thicker set including 230g grams of hair. I knew when i saw this i had to get the set to see how i like them but hair extensions these hair extensions are £132 which when i had no responsibility i would buy every couple of months but now its very rare i spend money on myself and would rather spend money on Lilly so they are definitely more of a treat . I have midlength thin hair with layers and i always feel like the thicker the hair the better it blends and i used to wear a set and a half as i felt it blended better so i was interested to see how these blended on their own.

The first thing i noticed about the new superior set is that they have new packaging. With a little side section so you can colour match. I think this is a great idea as finding a perfect match is really hard with extensions. I always get #90 platinum blonde, its one of the main reason i love foxy locks so much because its the only hair extension brand out there that offer a colour lighter than #60 that isn't synthetic, and us white blonde's know the struggle of finding a match. Although these are platinum and very light they do still have a yellow tone to them and where as i would have to use a purple toner on my #60 (which can dry out the hair quicker and make them not last as long) a quick purple rinse with these get the yellow tone out.

Secondly is the thickness, so these babies are 230g hair which is now a 8 piece set and all wefts are triple wefted. Anyone who wears alot of wefts knows the annoyance after a day of wearing them so less wefts but thicker hair is something i really like. One downside to this set though is that they don't include the one inch clips. I like the 1 clip wefts to blend the shorter layers at the front and hide the hair, so i do miss those and if you do have sorter hair you could cut one of the two piece wefts into a one clip but i feel like i have a place for all the wefts.

All of foxy locks sets are 20", i personally cut off around 2" and the superior set includes a 8" weft, three 6" wefts, two 5"wefts and two 4.5" wefts. This is enough for me and the thickness is amazing and i only need one set! If you have longer hair obviously it will look thicker but for my thin mid length hair it still gives me the big volume hair i have always wanted. I wear these most days and style really well both curly and straight but the curls do tend to drop quicker and i think this could be because the hair is so thick. When i first got the extensions they did shed a little, not a major amount and i always expect hair extensions to shed when i first buy them its just the loose hairs that aren't sewn in as tight but it wasn't excessive and after a few brushes it did stop.

If your new to extensions i would highly recommend foxy locks, if you have any questions their customer service is great and always seem happy to help. You can purchase this set HERE

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