Foxy locks "Lovely Lashes"

My favourite hair extension brand since 2009 has been foxy locks. After coming across Imogens on Youtube and lusting after hair like hers I have always turned to foxy locks. If you follow Imogen on her Instagram or watch her videos you will know she always looks so flawless and recently she bought out some new Foxy lashes. I have started to wear false eyelashes on a regular basis, I just love the added glamour and I have quiet small eyes and I always feel eyelashes open up my eyes. After purchasing a new set of extensions (review coming soon) I really wanted to try Imogens lashes "lovely lashes" which seem to be her favourite.

Lovely lashes are a mix of long and short hairs on a clear band in clusters of 6. Although the long hairs are "long" they look so lovely on the eyes and I can get away with wearing them in the day when I want to add more glamour as they are really thick like some double lashes or fake looking. The lashes are on a clear band which I do really like as they seem to blend in to my natural lashes better than eyelashes with a black band. Another great thing about these lashes is that they are human hair, sometimes synthetic lashes can be shiny look terrible where as these are just like lash extensions

The eyelashes don't come with glue, and are priced at £4.00 a pair and you can purchase them from the website  I will also add a picture to this post of them on my eyes soon but you can see how they look on imogens instagram @imogenfoxylocks


  1. These look absolutely gorgeous, I love eyelashes and these are beautiful!! xx
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty Blog

  2. My favorite technique for the best blending natural hair and Curly Hair Extensions; both fine hair and medium to thick hair is the beaded weft extensions. With the NBR (natural beaded rows) extensions 1 row no more then 3 rows are installed using hand tied hair and stacking them to customize beautiful naturally blended hair extensions. It looks so natural no one will not know its not your real hair.


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