Our Break To Wales

 Hello everyone!! You may/may not have noticed I haven't written a post for over a week now. That's because we have been away on a little holiday to wales. It was a very spontaneous trip and I really didn't have time to prepare any posts so im sorry about that. We were thinking about going to my mums caravan in wales for the bank holiday weekend but something came up with mikes work on the Friday and we decided not to go, we haven't been away for a while and mike was itching to go away somewhere and when we were out for a meal mike had a bright idea we would go away and I would stay there for the week with my mum and sister. So we rushed home packed our life into suitcases quickly and off we went. Mike stayed for the bank holiday weekend and then my mum and sister were there the rest of the week and mike retured the following weekend. It was really lovely to spend time with my mum and sister as we don't get to spend that much time together as we don't live close.
 I have been going to wales since I was about Lilly's age, its my 'happy' place and the only place that ever really felt like 'home' to me growing up and I love the fact I can start a new chapter there with my daughter and share those happy memories I have with her. There really isn't much to do there, but  I think thats what I love about it. I had no internet and stupidly dropped my phone down the toilet the first day and felt cut off from the world but it made me enjoy it even more.
 I love this beach, its such a lovely beach. and the views are amazing! I love nothing more than going for long walks with my dogs in the sun.
 Looking out from my mums caravan are stables with these cute little horses, This is Lilly's favourite a miniature pony. Lilly has taken a shine to my little pony so every morning she really enjoyed going and saying hello
This is the sand dune where mike proposed to me, just on the other side theres a little flat bit which over looks the beach.
This is my little sister, she is a dancer, acrobat, cheerleader and teacher and was showing Lilly some of her stunts, Lilly was in ore of her and we thought her hoe to do gambols.
I failed at taking a family selfie
Lilly was a bit scared of the sand at first but then ran straight for the sea, literally ran into it with no fear. I remember those days where I didn't have a care in the world and loved the sea and was so oblivious to what laid beneath, now im petrified of the sea and I don't want to go near, but we decided to try and make lilly love the water like I did so she can also have the same memories and fun I had as a child

I hope you liked this post, I will have a vlog soon on my youtube channel of some other things we got up to x

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  1. Aw such lovely photos! I live in Wales and love it so much, I can't imagine living anywhere else. Where is this? I don't recognise any of the places in your photos. I'm from South West Wales :) xx



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