My Week In Instagram Pictures - May 11th - 18th

I washed and cleaned all my makeup brushes. I try and do this every Sunday, especially my face brushes as they get full of product. I may do a video and a blog post on how I wash my brushes.

I decided to try Lilly with painting again. The first time we tried she wasn't to keen as I tried finger painting and she really did not like pain on her hands however this time with brushes Lilly loved it!
Our little plates had dried and we stuck on the little butterfly and bee face to Lilly's painting's.
Whilst I was making lunch Lilly collected all of her teddies from her toy box and started to read them a story on the dining room floor haha!
#tbt this was a picture from when Lilly was a couple of months old in a cute little Minnie mouse tutu vest from the Disney store. Makes me realise how quickly they grow up and why taking pictures and videos to capture moments is so special to look back on.
I tried to take some pictures for Lilly's fashion Friday in her lovely dress from primark. Then we went for a lovely walk in the may sunshine

This weekend was sun lovely weather and on sunday we went to the range to get some outdoor things and a paddling pool for summer. We also bought Lilly this pony on a lead because she is obsessed with it. We stopped at a park on the way home and of course pony had to join us. A little selfie from my crazy family. Lilly is so funny when she wear her sunnies.
That's some of the instagram photos I have taken this week. Im trying to take a photo everyday to document our lives as me and mike are always looking back and wishing we had more photos and videos of our family growing. You can follow me on Instagram @aprilandlilly. It is currently private but if I see your a mum or a beauty blogger I will accept :) I hope this week keeps sunny for us all xx

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  1. Lily always has the cutest outfits! Looks like a fun week! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up


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