Choc Chip Cupcakes // Tasty Thursday

Hi everyone!! This weeks 'tasty Thursday' Is a little different to what the recipes i have been posting recently. I have been doing alot of healthy recipes but here is a naughty, real naughty cupcake recipe i have been using for years and has never failed me. Its really stormy and has been raining all day so me and Lilly made some cute little cupcakes. Lilly is really starting to get hands on and help me bake which is something i have always wanted. I love baking and having a daughter who can help me really is like a dream come true. I hope you enjoy these yummy simple cupcakes :)

Ingredients (makes 12 cupcakes) oven - 180oc
*4oz caster sugar
*4oz softened butter
*2 large eggs
*6oz self raising flour
*2 caps vanilla extract
*1-2 tbs milk
* choc chips (optional but really yummy)

*150g butter
*300g icing sugar
*2-3 tbs milk


1, melt butter in microwave for around 1 min, add to a large bowl and mix in caster sugar
2, add 1 egg and half the flour. mix together then add the second egg and rest of flour
3, Add the vanilla extract and milk, mix until smooth.
4, Add in the choc chips and mix
5, Line a baking tray with cupcake cases
6, bake in the oven for around 18-20mins
7, leave to cool
8, Once cooled ice as desired

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  1. Look really yummy and I love making cakes with my little one even tho she now five I think she makes more mess, then when she was three, x


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