No7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator

Hello everyone! Happy middle of the week! Today i want to share with you a review/my thoughts on the No7 Micro- dermabrasion exfoliator. Ever since i trained in with caci chroma clear i became obsessed with microdermabrasion, seeing the results it gave to my clients and even my acne prone/scarred skin it amazed me that theres actually a treatment out there that can help my skin.

A professional micro dermabrasion is pricey, and usually a course of treatments will be advised which for most it can be pricey and time consuming especially for a working mum like myself. I began a hunt for an at home Micro dermabrasion exfoliator and to my surprise there are a fair few on the market however alot of the say "micro dermabrasion" when really they are just your standard exfoliator. My skin since being pregnant and eating a healthier diet is currently at its best its been for a long time, yet I'm still left with scars from previous acne spots, enlarged pores, redness and dry flaky skin all year round so i need something a little more than just your average exfoliator.

A long time ago i was looking for the no7 Micro dermabrasion but i could never find it, it seemed so hard to get hold of and it wasn't until a few months ago i found it in boots and honestly it has changed my skin and how makeup looks on my face. If you don't know what micro-dermabrasion is, it is a more dramatic form of exfoliation. Only previously used by professionals in salons until recently when brands got on the band wagon after seeing the dramatic results achieved in a salon.

The No7 Microdermabrasion promises "fresher, leaner younger looking skin. Within 4 treatments it stimulates skin cell renewal to work against fine lines, skin tone even leaving skin softer, silky to the touch and more refined. Helps to work against the appearance of dark areas, sun damaged or blemish prone skin too." I have to admit it does everything it says it will, i don't have wrinkles yet so i cant comment on that but everything else is a 10/10.

I use this twice a week, not every week but mainly when i think my skin needs it. how you apply it to the skin is by gently rubbing a pea sized amount onto the skin and massaging gently for a minute then rinse. I'm quite sensitive and it does feel a little harsh on my skin, not like its scratching but can feel a little warm and after i am completely pink just like after i have a professional treatment. No7 say its completely normal to have redness after the treatment, it should fade after a few minuets but if your sensitive like me i would recommend only doing it at night before bed.

After the very first time i used this my skin felt instantly like silk, honestly i have never used a product like it. As soon as i washed it off the feel of my skin was amazing. The next morning my makeup applied like a dream and where i usually have flaking, it was really minimised. After a few treatments my skin looks brighter and the dark circles and sun damage under my eyes have faded and my acne scaring has faded so much i feel comfortable without foundation as it isn't so purple.

In a nut shell, if your having trouble with dry, dull acne prone skin you NEED to try this! I don't hype about much skin care because honestly i haven't found many products that work for me however recently i have found my perfect skin care routine which will be coming up in a post shortly.

What are your thoughts on Micro-dermabrasion? 


  1. I've never used it but it sounds like something I would like! I love my Clarisonic because of the way it leaves my skin feeling. Sounds like this does the same thing!

    1. it probably does, i have never used a clarisonic though x

  2. you've definitely convinced me to try this out, especially seeing as i suffer from dry skin :(

    Leyla xx
    Leyla Writes

    1. Oh its great to removed the dead skin cells so you dont get that flaky look when applying foundation x

  3. this sounds fab - i must give it a go x

  4. totally need to try this!!! thanks for the review, it sounds really good

    becky x


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