Halloween "Pumpkin" Trick or TREAT chocolate cupcakes

Hi dolls!! I hope every one had a great weekend, looking through my instagram and twitter feed i see that so many people were at halloween parities this weekend. Halloween has to be one of the best child hood memories i have. I always remember my dad decorating the house in cheap halloween decorations and having some of the best halloween parities, and all of our friends and family came and had a amazing time!

Halloween this year was going to be taking a little back seat as we were supposed to be moving house on the 1st but its now been delayed so i am able to get into the spirt of halloween without the stress of moving house.This year is Lilly's second halloween and although she is still too young to understand what's going on but im trying to get her involved in little crafts like decorating pumpkins as she loves craft things at the moment and i tried to get her involved in baking.

At the weekend we made up some delicious chocolate cupcakes, although Lilly wasn't most helpful she enjoyed making a mess with the icing and having a little nibble or two!

6oz caster sugar
6oz butter
1.5oz cocoa powder
2 large eggs
8oz self raising flour

Milk and white chocolate chips
some caramel dairy milk chocolate

*Preheat oven to 180o
*In a large bowel add the caster sugar.
*in a microwave heat the butter in a microwaveable bowl until soft and add to the caster sugar and whisk until fluffy ( i use the cheap tesco butter as my friend makes the nicest cupcakes and she swears her "secret ingredient" is the cheap tesco butter)
* add one egg and half the flour and mix, then add the second egg and the rest of the flour.
*Add the cocoa powder, i used 1.5oz but adjust it to how chocolatly you want your cupcakes.
*Add as many chocolate chips as you want and mix them in.

*Separate you cake cases onto a baking tray and fill half way with cake mix, then add one piece of chocolate into the middle of the cupcake, i used caramel dairy milk. This is the TREAT part of the cupcakes.
*Bake in the oven for 18-20mins.
*Once baked (use a knife to poke in the middle, if the knife comes out clean they are done)

I used a pre made icing for the cupcakes as its all i had and forgot to get icing sugar. I much prefer making my own as pre made ones can be a little sickly "hence why some are only chocolate :) " I also used some NEON ORANGE gel food colouring which is the worst thing i have ever used, as you can see the pumpkins are more peach than orange, and i used a whole tube!!

Decorate your cupcakes how ever you like, these don't look the best but they tasted amazing!! If you have any halloween related posts please link them below so i can have a read :)

Have a great Halloween every one!


  1. these look amazinG! defo going to be trying out this recipe xx


    1. It never fails me to make tasty cupcakes :) x

  2. These look so good! I think i might try and make these!

    Hannah Heartss

    1. let me know how you get on if you do :)

  3. These looks so cute for halloween, will have to remember to make these next year.



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