Crown Brush Uk 10 Colour Concealer Palette

Hello ladies! I must admit i am a lover of highlight and contouring, ever since that picture emerged of Kim kardashian with lines all over her face and then the next picture of her face looking flawless the beauty world went crazy trying to recreate it.

Recently my youtube feed has been full of youtubers showing how they highlight and contour using the Crown brush uk 10 colour concealer palette. When i looked on Crown brush uk's website and saw the palette was only £16.99 i decided to purchase one for myself in an attempt to get a "flawless" look. I obviously cant hide the face i have a long face shape, so highlighting and contouring is my best friend when done correctly or my worst enemy if done incorrectly.

The palette comes with 10 shades, 5 to highlight and 5 to contour. There really is enough shades that most skin tones can use them or mix to create the correct colour. I like to be really light with my highlighting and dark with my contouring so i use the two lightest mixed and then for contouring the two darkest. The packaging is a black case, similar style but longer to the old mac palettes and will be great for travelling as they are not powder and wont smash.

The concealers  themselves are quite thick and are more appropriate for a heavy application of highlight and contouring but aren't too thick that they cake up under the eye. My old version to h & c was to use my collection light concealer and my Chanel bronze universal to contour but the collection concealer is a little thick and can sometimes cake in my irritating lines under my eyes so i much prefer to use this palette. The concealers also blend really well and if you want a lighter application add a little bit of foundation to your brush to give it a more airbrushed look, i like to use the real techniques buffing brush to blend it out.

To apply the contour shades i use my real techniques contour brush and for highlighting i use the real techniques deluxe crease brush for smaller areas like down the nose.

I think this palette is great if your looking for a great way to highlight and contour and for shades to use when your pale-tanned, for £16.99 you cant go wrong and it will last you a long time. You can purchase this palette from crowns website HERE 


  1. Great post and really useful.

    I will deffo be purchasing this soon.


  2. Fantastic post!
    Just come across your blog and I'm a big fan!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin. twitter & instagram?
    If so just let me know and I'll follow you right back <3
    Have an amazing day
    Lots of love
    Kate xo

  3. Wow. I love these shades. Thanks for sharing.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit.


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