April Favourites

Hi everyone! Honestly its may already? where has April gone, in fact where has the whole year gone so far? I have been a little absent from this blog for a little over a week and firstly let me apologise for that but Lilly was well for a week and i have been busy looking after her. I have been updating my Mummy/lifestyle blog a little and thought i would get around to sharing the products i have been loving for the month of April.

Soap and glory fab pore hot cloth cleanser
Soap and glory have come out with some great skin products over the last few years and whilst browsing i wanted a new cleanser and picked up the fab pore hot cloth cleanser. I guess its a cheaper version on the Liz earl hot cloth cleanser which I'm yet to try. The packaging is lovely like all soap and glory products and is in a squeeze tube. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be applied to a wet or dry face but i think its dry and that's how i use it. I apply it to my dry makeup free face and massage it in for a few minuets then leave it for another minute and remove with the muslin cloth provided. It leaves my skin really smooth and clean and my skin looks brighter after using it.

Garnier ultra lift
Now your probably thinking, April that's a wrinkle cream and your 23? however i strongly believe that you should include an anti wrinkle product in your skin care as soon as possible. Also i think an anti wrinkle moisturiser is alot thicker and has a deeper moisturising effect and since having Lilly i have noticed my skin is very dry and since using this i have noticed a difference. My skin also looks alot more plump, and although i dont have wrinkles yet i do have lines on my forehead which i have had for years and they irritate me so much and since using this i have noticed a very slight difference but i just like the overall look of my skin since using it.

Garnier summer body
The sun has finally put his hat on for a few days of sunshine in the UK which means most will be flaunting a little bit more flesh in the form of arms and legs. I love a tan and mostly i prefer gradual tanners. I have used the dove gradual tan for years now and just by chance in boots i decided to try this one. It smells like apricots and that smell like other tanners doesn't disappear into that horrid fake tan smell it actually stays the same smell. The colour is a lovely golden brown natural tan and doesn't look orange or go streaky. This is the nicest gradual tan i have ever tried and i will do a full review on this as it deserves it.

Loreal lumie magic foundation
As i have said previously i have started to sway towards a more dewy finish foundation and i have been trying all different ones to see which i like. This is medium coverage foundation and it really brightens the skin and illuminates in all the rite places. What i love most is that it doesn't seem to give an all over "wet" look but seems to highlight the cheekbones and when the light hits make the skin look really nice.

Dior nail polish in Tutu
I was bought this for my birthday so i haven't had it for a whole month but it is still making it into my favourites as since the day i had it i have been using it on my nail i did a full review on my previous post so where you can read all about it :)

Mac's Impassioned lipstick
I love this lipstick! The colour is so different to other pink's out there. It is an amplified finish and is very very bright and probably not to alot of people's taste but i love it! I guess its a fuchsia pink but with red tones. I used to only wear this on a night time but with a simple eye it really brightens up my face and i have been wearing it on a daily basis. The staying power is better than some stains i have tried.

Barry m marker pen for eyes
I have done a full review here and in the review i said i liked it but i would prefer if the pigmentation was a little darker and more black than grey. I owe this an apology, after using it for a little bit and leaving it upside down in my makeup bag the pigmentation came out alot darker and is a true black! I love this for easy application and think its going to be in my favourites for a few months ahead.

Thats a little mini review on the products i have been loving this month. have a great weekend everyone



  1. I love mac impassioned and was thinking of buying the barry m liner a few days ago, and now i have a good reason!

    jess xx

    1. Its such a good eye liner and so easy to use x

  2. I'm loving Soap&Glory Products, ever since I got the Sugar Body Scrub :) I will definitely try that Cleanser as well.

    1. The sugar body scrub is so lovely, i love their products too. Definitely try the cleanser its really nice x

  3. Love that pale pink nail polish!

  4. I really want the MAC Impassioned lippy! It looks so bright and pink in your picture - sooo lovely!


    1. It is such a nice colour, i dont think i can do it justice in a picture but i think it will suit you :) x

  5. That Mac lipstick is great! I'm not sure how it would look on me but would be fun to try!


    1. I thought that, because im fair and my hair is so blonde i thought it wouldn't look rite but it brightens up my makeup, try it out and see i think you will be surprised x

  6. The Dior nail varnish looks so lovely :)


    Jamie ♥

  7. L'oreal lumi line is so gorgeous and lovely for summer, have you tried their liquid higlighter? it's beautiful x


    1. I have and i love that too, mine ran out really quickly though x

  8. Soap and Glory everything is my favourite :)!

  9. woww, the soap and glory fab pore hot cloth cleanser looks great! I have to try it! :) xxx


  10. The Dior nail varnish is the prettiest pink it's gorgeous! It also look fab on your nails in your review for it. I am seriously considering investing in an anti-wrinkle cream even though i'm only 19 but I agree with you- the earlier you start surely is better! Mac Impassioned look gorgeous xx


  11. Mac lipsticks are my life , love the colour x

  12. I love Soap and Glory bath products but haven't tried any of their skin care products, that cleanser sounds so good though! x


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