Where to follow me?

With everything that happened last week with the whole Google reader getting the boot i am seeing alot of people writing posts showing where you can follow their blogs and thought i would share with you where to follow The Pampered Pout. 

To be honest with you all i didn't even know what google reader was, at first i thought it was the dashboard on blogger but then came to realise i have never used it and from what i understand its not that great for reading blogs anyway. So it didn't really affect me in any way, but then twitter starting going crazy because someone said that GFC was going and everyone started to panic about their GFC followers and how they can follow their favourite blogs.

I personally don't really like using Blog lovin for following blogs, i much prefer GFC so i looked into it because i didn't want to loose the blogs i love to follow on GFC and started to look through every ones blogs to see if they were on blog lovin then manually transfer them over, then i saw that blog lovin were loving that everyone was moving over and made it a lot easier. I have also noticed that people are starting to stop following blogs with GFC but don't panic people its not going anywhere in the near future and I'm joining the "fight for GFC" hahaha!! 

Anyway the point is that i wanted to do a post on where you can find me and which ever site you prefer to use you can follow my blog and if GFC does ever go you can find me here:

Twitter - @aprileve21
Instagram: @xaprileve21

And of course you can still follow me on GFC

What are you thoughts on GFC and all that jazz?


  1. yeah i thought they were getting rid of it-
    but then i saw on blogger buzz that they were
    ONLY getting rid of google reader,
    which is fine with me as long as GFC stays.


    1. I know GFC is m favourite way to follow blogs xx

  2. the thing with google reader is.... even if you don't use it personally, tons of people do and without giving them another option to follow your blog somewhere else, you might lose readers. so, that's pretty much why everyone is freaking out ;) Whenever someone follows you on GFC, it adds your blog to their google reader feed... so with that gone it's a huge mess for bloggers.
    xo dana

    1. Yea i understand that alot of blogger's use google reader which is why i think these type of posts are great as it shows other bloggers other ways to follow blogs and if they ever did get rid of GFC i wont be in a panic and have moved them all over to blog lovin lol xx

  3. At first I didn't like blog lovin' but now I am really starting to like how it works. It made it so easy by transferring all my subscriptions for me!


    1. I know that was a great thing blog lovin did to move them over easily, i prefer bloglovin for reading blogs on my phone but i think its because im used to using the dashboard x

  4. Very nice post! Helpful!
    Wanna follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Let me know!

  5. Replies
    1. No, atleast not in the near future anyway BUT i would still move your blogs over to bloglovin or something just incase it does ever happen in the future :) x


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