Tangle Teezer

I was in Sally's buying a hair toner and next to the counter they had the tangle teezers on display and i have always wanted to try one so i added it to my purchases. I think everyone and their dog owns a tangle teezer and i know I'm a little late to purchase one BUT i did and i wanted to share my thoughts with all my lovely followers. I have always wanted one but also thought they were a gimmick and i liked my usual den man brush so i was never in a hurry to purchase it.

As you probably all know the tangle teezer was on dragons den, and was rejected by the dragons and soon after became the "it" brush to have. The tangle teezer is supposed to be better for your hair than the average hair brush and helps prevent breakage and split ends. The brush is also designed to fit in the palm of your hand and detangles hair "pain free". The bristles vary in length which are designed to glide through your hair rather than grip onto it.

The tangle teezer comes in various colours and patterns and now even in the shape of a flower. When i first used it i fell in love with it, after my hair had been up and filled with hair spray and back combing a normal brush can take me ages to brush it out but with the teezer it was so much easier! The brush can also be used in wet hair, and yes i know your not supposed to brush wet hair, but lets face it most of us do! My hair is like a lions mane just after i wash it, its frizzy and all over the place and i did notice when i used the tangle teezer it did "tame my mane" more than my usual brush. 

Reading other peoples reviews on this alot of them rave about how fantastic it is and its replaced their hairbrush, for me i like it when brushing style out of my hair and its fantastic for brushing extensions but i cant use it when i actually style my hair and i find it made my hair shiny which quickly went to greasy alot quicker than usual.

I would recommend this for your hand bag just to whip out and brush your hair if you have been in the wind and if you have extensions because its alot less harsh on your extensions.



  1. I've wanted to try a Tangle Teezer brush for ages now, definitely going to have to buy one!x


  2. I'm going to pick one of these up at the weekend! I always thought it was so much money for a brush but after all the rave reviews I've heard I think it will be justified!xx

  3. Sounds perfect for my extensions! Xx

  4. I have this same hot pink one & I absolutely adore it! :D
    It really truly does wonders!!

    xo, shannon marie


  5. I love my tangle teezer! Seriously don't know how I managed without one before its such a life saver especially for my daughter who has really curly knotty hair!

  6. I fancy trying one of these, I'm guilty of brushing my hair when wet and I can hear the hair breaking as I do it, maybe I shouldnt do it... or maybe I should buy one of these instead

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)

    p.s. I’ve given the blog a bit of a face lift!




  7. I never knew it was on dragons den :) I'm really tempted to try one of these


    Lindsay Frances | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  8. I love the tangle teezer! Saves my hair after being in the cold wind. Great post

    .Georgina Clare.

  9. Really really want to try one of these!
    Love your blog.. subscribed! :D


  10. I love your blog! Following now, stay in touch xx


  11. Sounds really good! They don't sell it in the Netherlands yet, but I hope I don't have to wait for a long time. I want it!

  12. I love my tangle teezer!
    Great blog too :) Will like it now!

    It would be amazing if you could enter my MAC Lipstick Giveaway - it would mean so much! xxxx

  13. How much do you have to pay for a Tangle Teezer, anyone? And does anybody know if they're also available in Switzerland??:)


  14. I really need to purchase one of these! love your blog

    please come and visit me if you get a chance?



  15. I've heard so many people rave about this. I'm definitely keen to try it :)

  16. I love the matte finish on this Tangle Teezer- mine is shiny, and I always drop it! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  17. I ordered one online, it never turned up :(
    My Beauty Junction

  18. I have to try this! I love your blog and i'm already gonna follow you ;) I would love if you could follow my blog purple--flamingo.blogspot.com
    Thanks xoxo

  19. I need a tangle teezer in my life especially as my hair is curly and prone to being extra knotty x


  20. I love my tangle teezer, it's amazing! Love the colour of yours :) x


  21. I am absolutely going to purchase one of these next time I see one, I have always seen them around but never really read about them, thank you!:D




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