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If like me you love candles and home fragrance then this post is for you. I love a fresh clean smelling home and I'm obsessed with home fragrance, plug ins and candles etc. I always like to have a candle burning in the hall way as for me that's the first place people will walk into, the first impression made on your home and i like it to smell nice.

I have a love for Yankee candles but i burn through alot of them and for £20 a pop its a little bit expensive, also with Yankee candles i find some of them smell very strong and then some are just OK.

When you walk into next home directly by the door is usually all of their home fragrances and i could stand there all day like a total weirdo smelling all the candles. I recently picked up "new york" they do have other candles all named after city's like "London" etc. The packaging of these candles are really nice, they come in a box wrapped and then sealed with a bow and are perfect for a gift, i know i would love this for a gift. New york for me is my favourite at the moment, if you don't like a strong scented candle then this probably isn't for you. I am rubbish when it comes to describing this but to me it smells like a highly perfumed talcon powder and smells very fresh.

The box says it burns for up to 55 hours which is good for a medium size candle and when i burn it, it will scent the whole of my downstairs. The other day a neighbour came and picked up a parcel that was left at my house and when i opened the door she said how lovely it smelt in my house after i burnt "Newyork" even now it sat on my dressing table not burning and i can smell it. The best thing about next candles are the price, this little beauty is only £9!

Whats your favourite candle?



  1. I love this candle, I got it for my birthday. The packaging is so cute and dainty!
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. krásná svíčka:) je to hrozně krásná ozdoba:), což mi připomíná že bych si měla nějakou taky pořídit:)

  3. I love candles too, my favourite are Bath & Body Works candles even though they do cost a fair bit to ship to New Zealand. That candle looks so beautiful and clean, and 55 burning hours is amazing.

    Love & Glitter Cupcakes

  4. I'm addicted to yankee candles too but they are burning a hole in my wallet! will definitely have to pick this one up! great post


  5. Some of my fav candles are Parks London but they're quite expensive (I have seen them cheaper in TK Maxx though scorree!) x

  6. Oooo I must try some of the next candles :) I agree about the Yankee candles, they're lovely but very expensive!!
    Thanks for this great review :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  7. this is such a cute candle! (:
    where do you get it?

    i love your blog and the entire feel of it!
    so glad to have found it.

    xo Shannon Marie

  8. I am not such a big fan of candles...afraid that it may burn our house down...:) but I bet the scent would relieve your stress...:)


  9. This looks so luxurious :) I love candles x

  10. I love candles! I love the sweet sents though like vanilla cupcake by yankee candle! xo

  11. I have the reed diffuser of this. I adore the scent!
    A Life of Geekery


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