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 Hi ladies! As I'm sure everyone is aware rimmel's long awaited Apocalips are now here! For weeks i have seen blog posts and swatches and everyone raving about them coming out and to be honest i wasn't rushing down to superdrug to purchase them as rimmel isn't top of my list for lip products how ever after their Kate moss range i was a little interested. By chance i was in boots buying Lilly some new bath products and i went to rimmel to pick up the Kate moss lipstick in 101 and happened to see the Apocalips on display. I will be honest i was on the fence with these for a while and didn't know what i thought. I only bought Nova first and then after seeing other blog posts i picked up Big bang and celestial today.

 Rimmel describes these as lip lacquer's, which i would say is like a melted lipstick with a high gloss finish applied in the way of a lip gloss which the power of a stain! When i first saw them on display the colours all seem very bright and the nude one Eclipse which i really wanted seems to be sold out every where, i would have like to have seen a more milky pink in the collection and celestial seems to be the closet i could find but if you love bright lips then you will love them all!

 I actually really like the packaging, the slick black tube with the clear end so you can see the colour and then it has like a diamond effect on the top. Its simple and i think it makes them look a little bit more high end. What made me a little unsure about them is how they wear off the lips, when i first applied Nova i was impressed by the pigmentation they are so highly pigmented its crazy for a rimmel product however when they wear off it leaves a stain which i actually prefer but also the glossy high pigmentation leaves a line around the lips like bad liner which doesn't look great but i just rubbed it in and it was ok, did anyone else get that?

 The applicator is a doe-foot applicator which i prefer to the brush and it gives a really precise application and with one swipe the colour is on, i cannot fault these at all for pigmentation what you see in the tube will be on your lips! The colour Nova is a bright pink, Celestial is more of a muted pink and Big bang is a bright red! I could probably do a whole post on big bang! Honestly i think its the nicest, perfect red lip product i have ever tried! Its definitely the star of the collection and if your wanting to purchase one of these i would highly recommend Big bang especially if you love a good red!

 Overall I'm impressed by the pigmentation of these and if your looking for an affordable highly pigmented lip gloss/stain go for these you will not be disappointed by the pigmentation that's for sure!

 If you have written a review on these, link it below so i can see what colours you got and your thoughts :)



  1. I have to get around to getting them at last x

    1. If you want more than one take advantage of boots 3 for 2 :)

  2. I was really looking forward to getting these, went into Boots swatched them and to be honest didn't find a shade I really wanted. Unfortunately the one nude was sold out which was the shade I wanted to buy :(

    Might go back in though with a fresh mind and see if they have the one I want hehe, and I agree a milky pink would have been a nice shade to the collection :)


    1. I was exactly the same as you which is why i only bought nova first but i would try celestial if you like a more light pink :) x

  3. Wow I really want to give these a try for the pigmentation! I hate how a lot of gloss ends up being more sheer than I want. Thanks for the review! :)

  4. Nova looks so pretty! They sound great xx

    1. Nova is a nice colour, have you tried any? x

  5. Replies
    1. Ah thank you, your so sweet india :) I think nova would suit you so much! xx

  6. Big bang looks lovely!!
    Here's my post on them :)


    1. Big bang is an amazing red, Thank you for link, i have already read it :) x

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  8. I need to get my bum in gear and go into town and get these! I've swatched them all in Boots but for some crazy reason I didn't buy any cause I couldn't decide which ones! I agree that they need a milkier sort of pink as I'd get a lot of wear out of it. I'm not very brave with lipstick but I am experimenting more! Big Bang is gorgeous!
    Chloe xx

  9. Celestial is on my wish list! I have Big Bang and Luna and really like both. Great post x


  10. I have read so many good reviews about these! Nova looks like such a lovely colour. I definitely need to try this out x


  11. Great review:)
    Cool blog and cute pictures:)
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    xoxo Veselina from Bulgaria

  12. Really want to try big bang!



  13. They look great, I just found your blog

  14. I want to try these x

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  15. Great review lovely.. and fab swatches. I've not tried them, but I think they look gorgeous. I just can't decide which ones to buy :) (I'm your newest GFC follower xx)

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  16. love the colors you picked out - nova is my fave!
    i just found your blog and i'm so in love with it, your style is great too:) super cute layout <3 following now:)

    lots of love xx

  17. Hey dear!
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  18. 'Big Bang' looks gorgeous :) x

  19. I have heard so many good reviews about these lipsticks! I haven't tried them yet, however I am really interested in Nova and Celestial, as well as Galaxy. I might try a red one too, I normally go for matte red shades, but a shiny one might be nice :) followed your blog xx

  20. ireally love bg bang, Its my fave. Lovely post about them!

    Pipp xx

  21. great review!
    big bang is my fave too :)

    BreezeyBee Blog

  22. your blog is absolute perfection! i LOVE the pigmentation and colour of big bang as well! followed!! xxxxxx


  23. Big bang looks gorgeous I really want to get Nova as well x

  24. After this I might go and get one next time I visit boots :)
    I'm going to check them all out but so far I might just go for BIG BANG or NOVA.
    Truely beautiful colours :)


  25. Wow, the big band and celestial ones are GORGEOUS colours! Definitely want to get some when I'm next I'm out shopping!

    Laura xx

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