Revlon - Nearly Naked Foundation Review

Hi everyone! I hope every one had a lovely weekend! I spent Saturday morning trying to get Beyonce tickets but failed AGAIN! Did any of you get them? Then i went and did a little bit of shopping and saw that they new Revlon nearly naked foundation was in boots and thought i would try it out. I highly rate Revlon as a brand, they are my top high street ( or drugstore) brand and my favourite foundation is Revlon colour stay. Some of the foundations Revlon has bought out in m opinion never live up to the colour stay so i was interested to try this foundation.

First thing when i went to boots they only had 5 colours in and i thought that was shocking, but i did look on line and there are alot more colours available. I picked up the colour shell which looks a little dark for my skin but i have started to apply a bit of the old dove tinted moisturiser in prep for spring summer. The packaging is.... simple just like the colour stay foundation its a glass bottle, no pump and has a white lid rather than the black lid Revlon colour stay has. I don't love the package but i don't hate it.

I applied the foundation for the first time on Sunday at 11:03am. Due to the lack of pump which i think this foundation really needs i have to pour it out on my had and be aware it is very "liquidy", as soon as it came out it went running down my hand and i was quickly trying to put it back in the bottle, Nightmare! I applied my colour stay concealer first to my red areas and spots as this is a very light foundation it wont cover any scaring or redness.

I'm a love of a full coverage foundation. i have redness around my nose, dry patches and achne scaring so i didn't think i would like a, light-medium coverage. I applied it to my skin with my real techniques buffing brush and i was so impressed with it. Honestly it smoothed out my complexion without looking cakey and made my skin look so healthy and had a nice glow. I do like a little bit of a glow but for me it was a little too dewy so i just set it with a powder and my skin looks healthy and flawless.

I would compare this to the Rimmel wake me up foundation, but better!! I like the Rimmel wake me up but i think this makes the skin look more fresh! I have to say its very "wet" and it takes a long time to set. It looks very dewy but defiantly needs to be set with a powder. The nearly naked foundation lasted about 5 hours on my skin before i notice it settled into the dry patches around my nose and forehead, which is a downside but i just rubbed it in a little bit and it was OK but probably not great if you have alot of dryness on the skin.

Overall I'm impressed with this foundation and dare i say it i prefer it to colour stay because it looks so nice on the skin but i like the staying power of colour stay. If you have great skin this would be perfect for you and if not, as long as you have a good concealer it will work fine.

Have you tried this yet?



  1. I'm mad to try this! I wish it had a pump though! Knowing me I'd waste half the product on the floorxxx

  2. im so interested to try this! i have colour stay but find it not having a pump really annoying!xx

  3. i havent tried this yet but i really need to! I loved Rimmel's Wake Me up and i love a dewy foundation so it sounds right up my street! Annoying that it doesn't have a pump though! I can imagine i might have a few mishaps with that! haha xx

  4. oooh I soo need to try this but ive got so many foundations atm. Great post :D


  5. Great blog! I just came across it and I love it! Would be amazing if you could also visit my blog. We could also follow each other if you like? Let me know what you think!

  6. thanks for the review, I have been looking for a great cover!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  7. I love this foundation! I just got it this week, plus ass my friends got Beyonce tickets, I think I am the only one without them! I am so gutted!!
    Marwa x

  8. Great review sweetie, this sounds pretty good! xxx

  9. Great review! I've not tried it but sounds good from your review. Although Rimmel should definitely take your tip and add a pump!

    Sita xx

  10. I highly rate revlon too! They are underrated at times I feel! I haven't tried this foundation yet but have got the photo ready and for me that one is amazing!! Xxx

  11. I bought this foundation and did a review on it and I hated, so disappointed in Revlon

  12. I haven't tried this yet because my skin is so horrible, it's red and covered in acne scarring/spots so i'm kind of on the fence about trying it! x

  13. will b buying this tomorrow. i hope its enough coverage for me. torn between shade vanilla and shell. great review.

  14. Great review! I haven't tried this foundation yet, but I have tried the pressed powder from the line and I love love love it!

    Kendra :)


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