My 2013 Goals

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Another year has come and gone and i think its true what they say the older you get the quicker time goes. Its the time of year where we all make "resolutions" or goals that we want to achieve in the new year ahead. I personally have never made any resolutions as i know i will probably always break them but theres alot of thing i want to change and i thought setting my new year goals is a good place to start.

 Give up salt

 loose my baby weight and tone up

 Exercise at least 3 times a week

 ♥ Eat healthy

 Give up takeaways

 Remember birthdays

 Go on our first family holiday somewhere hot

♥ Save for a bigger house

♥ Open my own business

♥ Spend more time on my blog

My goals i have set for 2013 are mainly to do with a better healthy lifestyle I'm not going to lie anyone that knows  me who reads this ( yes i know who you are ;) ) knows that i eat crap i don't exercise much and before i had Lilly i could get away with it but now that shit caught up with me! lol 

Give up salt: I know your thinking... strange one but honestly i eat a unhealthy amount of salt to the point where it scary. I don't like sauce or anything like that and my dad used to never let me eat salt because he was a health junky and always said it was bad for your heart blah blah but since i started to eat it i just load everything with salt. 2012 i seemed to get worse and i need to give it up and also salt make you retain water so it will help with the loosing weight.

Loose baby weight: I have never been a person who watches my weight or really cared and i used to be a happy size 10 but when i had Lilly i put on alot of weight and i lost some, put it back on lost around a stone and now I'm stuck and I'm unhappy which is sad but its true so I'm on a misson as of today to start to loose the extra weight and get back to my pre pregnancy size.

Exercise at least 3 times a week: I say three times because i thinks that's easy to achieve they are opening a new gym across the road so i want to join that, get my 30 day shred on and walk Lilly more just to help shift the weight, tone and just to be a bit more fit.

Eat healthy: I can happily sit and eat crisps and pizza all day and all week, i don't eat anything really that's good for me and i started to eat healthy when i was pregnant and for a while after and i noticed a difference in how i felt and i want to lead a better healthy life style.

Give up takeaways: As you probably noticed from above i need to STOP EATING MCDONALD'S!! 

Remember Birthdays: I'm the worst person at remembering birthdays and usually the day before i have to rush to get a card or gift so I'm going to buy a calender and write every ones birthdays on so i don't forget.

Go on our first family holiday: We didn't go away last year because i was pregnant and gave birth in the summer and if your read my birth story you will know i had a few complications and i didn't have chance to go away this year i want to go somewhere hot and take Lilly on her first holiday :)

Save for a bigger house: We need a bigger house mainly for a spare room to lock mike in with his xbox and fifa and never have to hear that stupid game again! haha

Open my own business: I'm already working on a little something and I'm hoping for it to be up and running soon so all you baby mummy's look out for it :)

Spend more time on my blog: I haven't been posting as much as i would like to and I'm going to try and make more time to blog. I think i will have a look at having a new layout made and try and learn more about photography as the blogs that i love the most are with amazing pictures.

I have made a few for this year and i hope to stick to them and it will be fun to look back at the end of the year and see what i achieved and what i completely sucked at.

What are your goals for 2013? If you have done a post please link it below so i can have a little nosey ;) 

Happy New Year Everyone xXx


  1. Good luck with the resolutions, I'm with you on the exercising three time a week,though I write this with chocolate orange in my hand!
    happy new year!
    Rosie x

    1. Thank you! a chocolate orange lol that made me laugh happy new year! x

  2. I really love your blog - the layout is so pretty :)

  3. Hi darling,
    I totally hear you about the baby weight...I have two kids and even though my body got back to its prebaby weight...the body is still not the same.
    You look gorgeous!!!
    Keep up the great job

    xoxo Sol Sisters

    1. Thank you :) i know your body just doesnt go back the same x

  4. This is the cutest post ever - taking your wee lady on her first holiday will be so much fun! I'm definitely with you on cutting out salt and exercising though, I'm terrible for not moving my arse from the sofa!

    Much love,

    1. Thank you :) I know i cant wait, not looking forward to flying with her though lol x

  5. Happy New year to you! Hope your 2013 is starting off well :)
    I can totally relate to some of these. Lately I too was looking at my salt intake and its shocked me! I add it to my potatos, my meat, my sauces... Hopefully we both can cut back :)

  6. Some great goals here, I really need to give up the takeaways too! xx

  7. These are all very similar to mine! Really like your blog, I will be coming back!

  8. Happy new year :) I'm trying to give takeaways up this year too!!


  9. Happy New year, my goals are pretty similar to yours. I want to give up takeaways but I am pretty sure that I am just addicted to them lol :)
    LaceyLoves x

  10. Great post lovely...hope you make all your goals a reality ; )

    Followed you

  11. Lovely!
    Nice blog you have dear ♥
    Check out mine sometime if you'd like ♥


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