Kate Moss lipstick - 107

Hi, hope your all having a good weekend so far, i cannot believe its the 1st of december already! When i first heard about Rimmel's Kate Moss range my first thought wasn't  i need these lipsticks, they looked nice but Rimmel is never a brand i went to for lipsticks and I'm not a big fan of Kate Moss and wasn't in any rush to get them. A few weeks ago i was looking in boots for a dark plumb colour and i couldn't find any i then by chance went to Rimmel and saw the colour 107, its a really unique colour its a dark red/burgundy and when i swatched it in the shop it look like the kind of colour i wanted but when i got home it was a dark red and thought i had just wasted my money as i have loads of dark reds.

I tried it on my lips and it wasn't red but was a dark burgundy and i really liked the colour. As the colour wears on my lips it turns into a red, magically! It wears really well not like alot of other dark lipsticks which wear on the inside and you get that dark ring, and lasts a really long time. I'm a lover of matte lipsticks and the formulation of these are really nice and so creamy to apply.

I will be buying more from the Kate moss range, the colour selection is really nice and i really like the formula! The price of these is £5.49 which is great for a lipstick these days!

Have any of you tried any other colours from the range?



  1. I still haven't tried a single Kate Moss lipstick but I love this colour! Also, how perfect are your lips?! :)

    http://danielleyc.com xx

    1. They are far from perfect lol i hate putting upclose pics up like that but think its best way to show colour :) thanks though lol xx

  2. I heard so many good things about these lipsticks, i'm thinking of giving them a try!

  3. I have this one but im so afraid to wear it in public! :'( xx

    1. Lol i thought the same thing, even my bf gave me the look of "are you sure" but id did it x

  4. Wow what a pretty shade of pink I am going to have to try this


  5. Love this colour so much xx


  6. This looks so pretty, I've asked for it for Christmas :) xx


  7. Hello, nice blog you have! And I loooove that lipstick, it's gorgeous!

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    Makeup And London


  8. I'm not a big Rimmel fan but I tried a sample of this the other day and I'm really tempted to buy it. I love the colour.

    Tara@ http://www.tea-and-cocktails.blogspot.com

  9. That lipstick is a really pretty colour!

    I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x


  10. I have this too, I love it. It's the best Rimmel one I've owned for ages
    Daniella x


  11. Great colour <3 Love your blog! Check out mine? :)


  12. 107 is gorgeous !

    xx Liyana

  13. I don't usually like Rimmel products, but Kate Moss has had such a long relationship with them and I guess it makes sense that she would only put her name to something good. That lipstick is a gorgeous colour - a great choice!


  14. I've tried quite a few and my favorites are shade 01 and 08 :)



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