Blogmas - Day 2

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Hey girls! 

So a few of you might have seen "blogmas" here on blogger or "vlogmas" on you tube and i have decided to take part in "blogmas"! I know its now day 2 but i did blog yesterday so that still counts rite? haha. What it is, is that i will blog everyday up until Christmas eve. I wont be blogging about a particular topic but more like a personal diary about what i have done that day and Christmas related posts etc. I'm going to try my best to blog every day and I'm hoping i can :) 

Today we went to another garden centre on the hunt for pretty Christmas decorations and a wreath for the front door, I'm really particular when it comes to Christmas decorations and as my fiance says I'm boring because i don't like colour and my tree decorations are all white and silver but that just my taste, i think garden centres have the most pretty decorations although they are stupidly priced i always seem to find nice pretty things but i still haven't found a wreath i like :( but i did pick up a new Yankee candle and a tree decoration for Lilly.

Now i have Lilly, Christmas is all about her, i know she isn't going to understand whats going on or anything but still as its her first Christmas i am buying a few "baby's first Christmas" keepsakes and i found this cute pink Christmas decoration with baby's first Christmas 2012 and a bear on the side with all stars and ribbons on the top and what i plan on doing is buying her a special decoration each year so when shes older she can have a collection for when she has her own tree.

Because i missed yesterday here's a few pictures from my instagram, I really wanted a Costa hot chocolate with marsh mellows but it was closed as it was late so mike went to tesco and bought me the most amazing hot chocolate and added some marshmallows :) I don't usually like home made hot chocolate but this tasted amazing, i think it twinings and its lovely! 

Are any of you doing blogmas? i think its a good idea to get into the christmas spirit :)



  1. Baby's first Christmas eeeek adorable!!!! Xx

  2. Your Christmas looked amazing.. beautiful pictures.


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