Etsy Hair ties

Hi Ladies, sorry for the lack of posts on my blog recently i have shingles and its making me really tired and with looking after a baby its hard to find the energy to do anything else, plus the horrible weather and dark nights makes it hard to take any blog pictures.

Anyway i thought id share a recent purchase i made on etsy. I'm sure everyone has seen these hair ties they are basically such a simple thing which makes a difference to your hair, These are hand made from a stretchy material tied at the end and heat sealed to prevent fraying and don't tug on the hair so preventing breakage. I always notice those flyaway little hairs which are usually from hair being broken from hair bands and these are perfect for preventing that, as i usually have my hair up especially at night, its really bad for your hair to sleep with hair in a tight pony or bun with a normal tight hair tie with the metal band on so these are perfect for helping prevent breakage.

I purchased these HERE and they came in a set of 30, you can request the colours you want or like me ask for one of each colour and for 30 hair ties it was $18.50 USD. Shipping took just under a week but they did come from the US, they came in lot of different colours and were packaged in a pretty blue bag with hearts on which i though was so cute (im a sucker for cute packaging)

Not only can these be worn as a hair tie but you can wear them on your wrists, for the mums i know Anna from the style diet wears them on her wrists for breast feeding to show which side she used and i currently have the zebra print one on my wrist as my daughter is amazed by the pattern and loves looking at it.



  1. nice blog. follow you..

  2. So many different colors!! Look soo cute. :)

  3. these look so cute i need to get some x


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