Why Do You Wear Makeup? - Tag

I have seen this tag around blogger the last few days and thought i would give it a go for a little easy read, as a beauty blogger most of us love and wear makeup so its a tag we can all do and have a nose and enjoy reading every ones answers. From reading other girls posts it also make me realise I'm actually quiet normal and I'm not the only one who puts on some mascara to go to the maccies drive through :)

1, When did you begin loving make-up? I started to notice makeup at a young age when i used to see my mum out her makeup on in the morning and i remember always going into her makeup bag and playing with all her makeup, i used to play with the pretend makeup and had my own little makeup bag like my mum and i would put makeup on my dolls, and my mum gave me one of those old school lipstick cases which used to hold one lipstick and had a mirror in the flap and i thought it was amazing, anyone remember those? Then i probably really started to wear makeup at around 13-14 when i started getting spots and tried to cover it with horrendous orange foundation.

2, How do you feel without make-up? Naked! I'm not a girl that is confident when I'm not wearing makeup im very critical of myself and i just think if i can see that scar or that bit of redness on my face that everyone else will be looking at it when that's not really the case, I think most girls feel the same, its not that you look different or bad without it like when you take your makeup off you look like shriek but its a security blanket for most of us.i love that feeling when i get home or am not going out and can just take all my makeup off. I sadly have scaring from spots and that's probably the main reason i wear makeup over the years i have learnt that my skin isn't that bad without a load of foundation slapped on it and i can tint my eyebrows and eyelashes to make me look a bit more alive and that helps with confidence i think.

3, What do you like about makeup? What i like most about makeup is that you can be creative with it, and make different looks and how makeup can instantly boost confidence and make you feel different, also that if done correctly you can change the appearance of facial features and hide things like spots and scars which cant be helped and also enhance natural features, for me makeup is something i enjoy doing i have fun with it and experiment, when i was a beautician i loved it when someone would come in for a makeup trial and seeing how good it made them feel.

4, Three "holy grail" items? hmmmm

My MAC Pallet - i don't know if i can use it as a item but I'm going to anyway :) MAC eve shadows in general are amazing and the best out there and my pallet has all the colours i love and i Can make a neutral/smokey eye from the colours in it

MAC Skin Finish Natural - oh this is my favourite powder in the whole makeup world i love how it sets my foundation and the fact it leaves my makeup flawless i can definitely see the difference in my makeup when i don't wear it

Revlon Matte Lipstick In Pink Pout - Probably my everyday lipstick is pink pout i think its the perfect pink for my skin tone and it lasts for ages, its a dupe for macs snob which i also love, but i prefer the formulation to Revlon's pink pout.

I tag all my fellow bloggers to do this tag and if you do link it below so i can be nosey and have a read :)


  1. This was such a nice tag! Haven't tried your HG products, but i've heard so much about all those things. Cute blog and it's great that you love makeup so much :)

    Stay pretty and hope you stop by me and my sister's blog as well!


  2. Nice tag!
    I really wanna get Pink Pout, and if you consider it your holy grail lipsticks it's amazing for sure! :) xx

  3. Ive just done this tag too :) I feel the same about makeup - its a bit of a security blanket for me - i really need to try Pink Pout! xx

  4. I love the MAC powder, one of my fav products! x
    I'm now following you :)


  5. This is such a cute tag, I agree about the feeling naked without make up on too! xxx

  6. MAC Skin Finish Natural is my favourite too! It's amazing, right? Love your blog x x

  7. I love this tag, it's always so interesting to read when other people got started dabbling in the beauty world. Love your blog x


  8. AWwww love this tag! Like learning about beauty bloggers and their start! :)

    New follower here!

    The Misty Mom

  9. i love the revlon matte lipstick range!
    have you ever tried smoked peach? that's gorgeous!
    i love your blog, i've just started following
    please pop over and say hi, you seem so lovely and down to earth, so i'd love to speak more!
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

  10. Cute tag :) Such a shame that most girls feel ugly without make-up. I don't think I could ever feel over confident without any make-up on... even if I only have a little tad on I still feel pokey.


  11. Nice tag ! And you have a nice blog !! Follow each other ? Keep pin touch !



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