♡ Monthly Favourites - September

This is my first monthly favourites post, cant believe i haven't got around to doing one of these posts before, but as i love reading other favourite posts i thought i would share what i have been loving in September.

Sudocrem - Not only is this good for nappy rash but great for clearing spots. I do suffer from breakouts around my mouth area and no matter what i try nothing seems to work but when i used sudocream it really dries the spot out and clears my skin really quickly. I think this has to be the best "spot treatment" i have tried and when i was pregnant my skin cleared and it was amazing but now around that time of the month when my skin breaks out i dab this on the spot and its gone within a couple of days, its such a great spot fighting product and really cheap. 

Batiste dry shampoo - I have been using batiste dry shampoo for years but i recently picked up the batiste in "fruity and cheeky cherry"i don't wash my hair every day as its a pain and when it needs that little freshen up i use dry shampoo and it gives me another day. The smell of this is lovely as it says it smells like cherries, its not over powering but is strong and i this has to be my favourite smell of them all, and the packaging is really cute too.

Barry m nail paint in bright pink - I love Barry m nail paints and through most of September i have been wearing bright pink, as its autumn and colder i do tend to wear alot of dark colours but when i fancy a bright colour i have been going to my good friend Barry. I have done a blog post on it here

Bourjois volume glamour max mascara - Bourjois does some lovely mascaras and the i purchased this the end of august and have been using it every day since, I'm really funny about mascara i like a mascara to give volume and add thickness to my lashes, i don't like to keep applying it over and over to get the look i want i just want a mascara which does it within a few strokes and this definitely does. Volume glamour adds volume and thickness, the brush is a round thick brush and the formula is really good. Its not often you find a good brush with a good formula but i found it in this beaut.

Rimmel wake me up foundation - I have done a blog post here on this foundation. I stopped using it for a while, i don't know why but i recently discovered it again in my makeup bag and its a lovely foundation and i will probably keep using it through winter.

Rimmel wake me up instant radiance - When i saw this in tesco on my weekly shop i though i would pick it up and give it ago. I picked it up in shimmering sand and i use it as a highlight on my cheek bones and under my brows, it has a slight bronze colour tint to it and gives a really lovely shine/shimmer to the skin, that kind of healthy glow we all want and its been my favourite highlight this month.

MAC pink nouveau - This is a really lovely pink colour its not too dark or too light, i have been wearing mainly light pinks through summer and as it get colder i like to wear darker colours and this is the perfect pink for autumn it really suits my skin tone and can be worn day or night.

Sleek storm palette - A old palette of mine but rediscovered this month i like to wear browns mainly on my eyes and i can do so many different looks with this palette, the pigmentation is amazing and they blend really really well i also like how some of the colours are matte and some have shimmer in them, great for day and night looks and this lives in my makeup bag and for this month has replaced my beloved naked palette.

Rimmel brow pencil in hazel - Gosh i just noticed theres alot of love for rimmel this month. I usually use my hd brow palette on my brows but i have started to go back to a pencil, the powder can sometimes look a little harsh with my blonde hair and this is a great alternative. I always sharpen this before i use it hence why its so small, i kind of make hair Stokes with it and then use the brush on the lid to comb it through and its my favourite brow pencil.

MAC mineralize skinfinish natural - This is now nearly empty :( but i love this, when i haven't tanned its my go to powder, i love how it makes my skin look. I'm sure everyone has used this and if you haven't i would highly recommend you did to see for yourselves how lovely it makes your skin

What were your favourites in September?



  1. Sudocream is the best thing ever! :D xx

  2. lovely nail colour & i really like wake me up foundation to x

  3. The dry shampoo packaging is very cute

  4. i've been wanting to try the MAC skinfinish for ages, so jealous! so many things to buy, so little money..
    liv :)

  5. Love sudacrem! So good for bad skin days x

  6. I really keep meaning to try the MAC natural skinfinishes, I'll get round to it one day because everyone seems to love them! Xx


    1. One day soon :) you wont look back lol x

  7. oh wow i seem to have most of these products haha. batiste is my saviour for big hair! :D xx

  8. I love sudacrem too such a miracle cream. I really want to try the Mac Skinfinish powder xx

  9. Lovely post, you should defo do more monthly favourites. I've never thought about using sudocream as spot treatment before so I will be giving that a go.

    B xxx

  10. I love Batiste Cherry, it smells so lush! Only problem is I have dark hair, so the dark batiste works better for me!
    Love the look of the max lipstick and barry m!

    Following your blog now, it's lovely!

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

    1. I can imagine its a pain, good for us blondes because it can hide those horrible roots lol Thank you for following x

  11. Mineralize skinfinish is my must have mac product! 365 days a year! Love it x

  12. Have so many of the same favourites as you! I love MAC Pink Nouveau xxx

    1. It is my favourite lipstick at the min x

  13. oooh i want to try everything, they all sound so good! i must get myself some sudocrem if its so good for spots!

    1. It is, try it and see for yourself :) x

  14. Batiste is a lifesaver

    check out my blog

  15. Heyy, I have the nail polish its such a pretty colour :D
    great blog, i just followed, would love for you to take a look at mine :D
    thank you xxx

  16. i love how u did your make up. so pretty and nice blog too. maybe we can follow each other?


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