ION Silverising Shampoo

I have previously done a blog post on my favourite purple shampoos here, however last month i found a new love to add to my favourites. I was browsing around Sally's when i came across their ION Silverising shampoo, it was around £5 for a 300ml bottle and i thought i would pick it up and give it a go.

I'm forever trying purple/silver shampoos as i have very light blonde hair and i love it when its first been toned and it white with no brassy tones but I'm sure all blonde's understand after a few washes it get a little due and those horrible brassy tones can come through. My hair isn't the best condition due to bleach, heat etc so i don't want to keep putting a toner on it, so i always use a purple shampoo at least every other wash.

As in my previous post alot of purple shampoos i use tend turn my hair purple or pink if its left on too long as my hairs dry it does tend to cling and if i don't leave it on long enough it doesn't take the brassy tones out so sometimes i cant win!

On the front of the bottle it says "highlight refreshing shampoo perfect for grey, white, highlighted and light blonde tinted hair. When i first opened the ION shampoo the first thing i noticed was the smell, it smells like sweets its amazing and the smell last on the hair. I can also leave this shampoo on for however long i want and it doesn't turn my hair purple instead it leaves my hair a nice colour and eliminates all the brassy tones which is exactly what i want from a purple shampoo. Its not as dark as other shampoos i have tried which is probably why it doesn't turn my hair purple.

overall i would give this shampoo a 7/10 


  1. Totally understand your pain. I'm currently trying the John Frieda blue shampoo for blondes. This one seems good though and it's only a fiver so that's pretty good! xx

  2. I hate it when blonde goes brassy, : (

    I need to find a good purple shampoo.


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