And They Call It Puppy Love!

Left:  Bailey Right: Rocky

Hi guys, I wanted to write a post about two little loves in my life, my two Yorkshire terriers rocky and bailey. Rocky on the right of the picture above is 2 and bailey on the left is 1. The picture above is when they were cute little puppies.

I have always grown up with dogs in my life my dad had great Danes who were always part of the family and i personally don't think a house is a home with out a dog in it. When i met my fiance mike he wasn't the biggest fan of dogs and said he would never have a dog as he was bitten by one when he was younger and his parents were more cat than dog people but i always knew when i had my own house i would have a dog. It was only when my mum bought a westy puppy and i took mike to meet him and see how lovely it was to have a dog that he quickly fell in love with him and i knew i had a chance of getting a puppy. I have always wanted a Yorkie or a big dog and i started to research about Yorkies for a long time, especially "toy" yorkies i came across a local advert for "toy" yorkies and spoke to mike and he agreed to go and see him. 

When we went to see this puppy the area wasn't that pleasant the house was dirty and they had different types of puppies running around and a young child throwing them about it wasn't nice to see, but as soon as i walked through the door this little black and gold puppy came running towards us and my heart sank i instantly fell in love and had a overwhelming emotion and i looked at mike and i could see in his eyes he felt the same.

The lady let us see the "mum" and she was a pretty Yorkie but something wasn't rite and being the animal lover i am i wanted to look after this puppy even though everyone says you should only buy puppies from kennel club breeders and when you see the mum and dad etc and i knew this but i couldn't leave this puppy in that house. We then went home and spoke about it and decided to buy rocky we went to pets at home and bought all his things food, bed toys etc this puppy was spoilt before he was even home. The next day we picked him up, he was really quiet but soon started to love us as much as we loved him. He was really playful and a ball of energy we had no problems with him. I have since learnt about puppy farms and i think this is where they got rocky from.

I made the mistake of putting Rocky's bed next to mine surrounded by news paper and puppy pads and sectioned a bit off so he knew i was next to him at night and whenever he cried i would pick him up and put him in the bed with us BIG MISTAKE!! he now sleeps in the bed and i cant get him out lol i had sleepless night with him and i really don't know what was worse night with a newborn baby or rocky.

I soon started to notice rocky wasn't eating and he wasn't putting on weight, he was still playful but started having blood in his stool and sicking up blood, i was so worried about him. we took him to the vets and he was sadly really ill, i had bonded with him and thought i was going to loose him. we spent a fortune on test for him, his poo being sent off, injections the lot i felt helpless but i would have done anything for him. Eventually to start him eating again we had to feed him rice and chicken and this dog wouldn't eat any chicken he would only eat the most expensive chicken we could find which got a little pricey but worth it to make my little boy better. He soon became a healthy perfect dog and since we haven't had any issues with him he is now perfect but i would always recommend buying from a professional breeder and seeing all the certificates and make sure you see the mum and dad, People will say you should buy dogs from independent breeders or if you suspect their from a puppy farm but its not that puppies fault they were born into that and someone has to have them.

Another thing with rocky is he was sold to us as a "toy" Yorkie basically meaning he should have been really tiny and fit in my handbag sort of dog but he is nothing like that he is quite big for a Yorkshire terrier he has long legs and a long body but i don't regret a thing with rocky as he became the most love able dog ever and i cant imagine life without him.

Then a year and a bit later we bought bailey. This time i bought him from a professional breeder someone we met just after we bought rocky and we met all their dogs had a previous litter of puppies from them and knew everything from their background in dog breeding, me and mike said when we next buy a puppy we will buy it from them as they had a caravan in wales next to where my mums was. We decided to  buy bailey, we got to choose him from the whole litter, there was only two boys and the rest were girls, i really wanted a girl but with rocky it wasn't really a option.

Again we were told he is a "toy" Yorkie and would only be tiny which when he was a puppy you would think it as he could fit in the palm of my hands and was only the size of a coke can a 10 weeks. Bailey was more of the typical Yorkshire terrier he was smaller than rocky but he is still bigger than the normal Yorkshire terrier. He is kennel club registered and we had all the proper certificates for him and family tree.
 I was really worried about how rocky would take to him as rocky was like our child and had our attention 100% and rocky gets very jealous if i go near another dog but he took to bailey like his big brother and looked after him it was lovely to see.

With bailey i crate trained him, i didn't do it with rocky because i thought it was cruel but after reading about it and speaking to breeders i soon realised it was the best thing for a puppy. 

Bailey was toilet trained very quickly he settle on his own at night and now is alot more independent, we could have left him on his own and he wouldn't cry where as rocky would Howell until we came home and really depended on us. One of the main reasons i bought bailey was to give rocky some company when we were not at home. luckily for us my fiance worked from home alot when rocky was a puppy but then he started to travel around the country on appointments and i didn't want to leave rocky on his own. It worked like a treat, rocky is now fine on his own as he has bailey.

Rockys first walk left: baileys first walk

These boys are a huge part of our lives, like they say a dogs not just for Christmas its for life and that's really true. We had to change our lifestyle, we don't really go abroad and go for holidays in the uk because i don't want to leave them, wherever we go they usually come with us if its possible.
 If your not a dog person and have never owned a dog its hard to understand the love a dog and its owner has, mike would never be without a dog now and loves these dogs like his children. Rocky is more loyal to his dad, he sits and waits on the stairs from the moment he leaves and waits for him to come home from work and bailey is more about me. Bailey goes to sleep in his bed on the floor but whenever we wake up he seems to have made his way into the bed and under the covers with his back against mine and his claws in his dad and rocky sleeps on the end of the bed watching the door as he is very protective.

What i love most about my boys is no matter how stressed, angry or upset i am they will always come and cuddle me, even if the little buggers have run off on a walk and had to be told off they still love me. Bailey thinks that every person in the world is his friend and that everyone wants to cuddle him, he especially likes women, he will always sit next to people and nudge their hand until they stroke him and wont let them stop, and he is the same when he goes for a walk, he sees a pair of legs and decides he want to go and walk with them and has even been know to run into peoples houses, which is funny but some people don't appreciate him and poor bailey doesn't understand, where as rocky wants to play with all the dogs no matter how big or small. I'm the girl you see on the dog walk with the crazy dogs who are running around trying to play with all the dogs and when i call them they ignore me which is really embarrassing especially when you get the grumpy old people who don't want them by their dogs, And when they do come back rocky creeps with his head down because he knows he has been naughty and bailey come jumping back with his tail wagging and seems to think he has had the time of his life ha ha. They always come back im just very over protective of them and if they go out of site i get scared, little shits! but no matter what they do i still love the little buggers.

What kind of dogs do you have?



  1. OMG how adorable? I am so jealous, I'm desperate to get a puppy but it's not practical living in a 9th floor flat!! Xx.

    1. lol funny you should say that we had rocky in our first flat for a while and it wasnt great although we had a really large balcony we had to walk him atleast 3 times and day and wasnt fair to him and hes alot happier with his garden x

  2. Aww they are so cute! I really enjoyed reading your post about your dogs and I am definatly going to do one soon!
    I got my dog in a similar way that you got Rocky, I fell in love with him straight away and the house was terrible & I felt like I had to rescue him but then when we got him and got him vetted we found out he hadnt been fed & was really poorly but hes great now!
    I have 3 dogs I have 2 Staffs, even though people say there vicious dogs my 2 are literally the most dopey and loving dogs & wouldnt hurt a fly I think its just how there brought up & two days ago I got a Chihuahua puppy and hes so tiny!
    Im going to do a post all about my dogs at the weekend, maybe you could take a look once ive done it :)!

    Jess x

    1. Awww i would love to read your post about your dogs and see the pictures of your new puppy :) i was going to get a chihuahua next but had to be put off for a while as i had a baby and a newborn and twp dogs is hard enough lol its horrible to see any puppy being treated badly. i know staffs have a bad reputation but i have met some lovely staffs. look forward to reading your post :) x

    2. Ive done a post on my dogs if you can take a look and let me know what you think :)x

  3. These are soooo cute! I wish i had a doggy! I'm wanting a puggle but its just not going to happen!

  4. Omg. So cute and beautiful I wanna cry!!



  5. Love doggie posts!! I have a rhodesian ridgeback so ever so slightly bigger!!!

  6. Awww girl your doggies are precious! My beloved golden retriever passed away a few years ago and I swore I could never have another dog again because I was afraid I wouldn't love him as much, but now I have a Yorkshire Twrrier too (a Toy) which is almost 1 year old and we still have trouble potty training her, ARGH!

    1. oh no sorry about your golden retriever i dont know what i will do when my boys go. oh no i hope she potty trained soon its a can be a pain cant it x

  7. what gorgeous little dogs! some beautiful photos :)


  8. They are adorable, and your hair is amazing :) x

  9. SO ADORABLE. I have a tiny dog myself, I'd die without her! <3 Cute blog! Em

    1. I know how you feel, crazy how they become a big part of your life x

  10. they are adorable! i have two little yorkshire terriers aswell, i'm at uni at the moment though, i've only been away from them 10 days and i miss them SO much!! Following :)xxxx

  11. They're both so gorgeous, I would love a yorkshire terrier and a cockerpoo, I just need to wait until we have a garden and a bit more free time to spend with them. Such a shame Rocky was in that awful house but lovely that you rescued him and have given him a lovely life with Bailey xx


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