Velcro Sleep in rollers

Sleep in rollers seem to be the talk of the town at the moment, there everywhere. They first appeared around the time that desperate scousewives appeared on our TVs. I have had these for a while now and i was so excited to try them out after seeing the effects it gave holly on you tube from the pampurlounge she does a great tutorial on them and shows you step by step how to put them in

 Theres something i find really glamorous about rollers i don't know what it is but whenever i use them i always feel glam, although i wouldn't go as far as wearing them in public... I'm not that brave. when i bought these i bought them offline from and at the time they were £16.99 for two packs of 10 but the price has now changed to £17.95, they came in a really cute pink drawstring bag which you can store them in and carry them if your staying somewhere over night. 
 The rollers themselves are a hot pink and instead of being your old fashioned rollers which are hard plastic wrapped in Velcro these are sponge with the Velcro around the edge and are designed to flatten when you sleep so when you wake up you have amazing curly hair.

I washed my hair, blowdryed it and added a little heat before applying the rollers, taking the hair section by section which needs to be the same width as the roller i rolled the hair from the bottom and secured them in place with a hair grip, i didn't need to use all the rollers as i used them on my natural hair without my extensions and my hair is just bellow shoulder length, they were really easy to put in but i would suggest when you get around the ears not to put them so there too close and to try and find a comfy possition because its not the best feeling when trying to sleep.

On the front of the bag it says "good bye sleepless nights" now don't get me wrong they are alot more comfortable than normal rollers but when i went to sleep in them i couldn't really find a position where they were not irritating me, i was aware the whole night they were there and i kept tossing and turning. I found the best position was on my back however i cant sleep on my back lol, i ended up taking the two rollers by my ears out and then sleeping on my side and i finally got comfortable, maybe this was my fault because of how i placed them but after i moved them it was alot easier to sleep.

Above is how they looked the morning after i woke up and put the two by my ears back in and just blasted them with heat from my hairdryer, i applied my make up and was ready to remove them. I was surprised they stayed basically in place because of all the moving around i was doing.

I don't have a picture of my hair afterwards but it wasn't curly was just had massive volume at the roots and because my hair is layered it was more shaped into my face, i did have to use a straightener on it just to calm it down so i could leave the house but the volume from these bad boys is amazing and my hair did last all day without the need for backcoming.

I am going to try these with my extensions because i think with longer hair they would work better to give that volumised wavy look at the ends of the hair, but overall i think everyone should try these, maybe not to sleep in but if your travelling a long distance or just general rollers



  1. Yours looked so much neater in the morning than mine! Mine are always all over the place and a total mess! Totally agree about them not being that comfy aswell! I can only sleep with a few on top of my head, none round the sides or bottom!

    1. i think its probably because i went over load on the hair grips lol have you tried them with your extensions yet?


  2. these look actually really good! may go out and get myself some as an early christmas present or something, haha :)
    would love to see a picture of how your hair looked in the morning after taking them out!

  3. i really wanna try these rollers out for myself but like u... i cant sleep on my back so im hesitant to try!


  4. I could not sleep at all with these and they didn't give me very good results either :( xx


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