Bourjois magic nail polish remover

You have probably all seen this but i thought id share my opinions, i have seen this all over blogger and i just thought it was another nail polish remover, it wasn't something i really wanted or thought i would ever buy but boots were having a 3 for 2 on all bourjois products and i picked up a foundation a mascara and couldn't see anything else i wanted and thought i would give this a try.
 Now if your anything like me you will hate taking nail polish off, i find it a rite faff getting the cotton pads out finding the nail polish remover, soaking it on the nail and rubbing it for ages trying to remove the bright or red colour and no matter how hard you rub it still stains the nails, and if i have used a glitter its so hard to remove, i know this isn't the nicest thing but i am one for trying to peel all the nail polish off my nails. i hate chips and if one chips throughout the day i will sit and peel it all off, i know its disgusting habit but its just easier. 
 However my prayers have been answered in this little £4.99 tub of basically a foam sponge soaked in nail polish remover, who knew such a simple thing would save people like me, its so easy to use and removed the most stubborn nail polish colours including glitters without any real hassle.

 how i use it is by keeping it flat on a surface dipping my finger in and pushing against the sponge for about 10 seconds and remove and the nail is clear. when i first tried this i did tilt it and poured the remover all down me and although this says its "scented" i personally think its just a very strong nail polish smell so i would recommend keeping it flat, i do have on stick on nail in the picture and some nail polish removers can ruin them when taking nail polish off but this didn't at all, overall i would highly recommend this if your anything like me


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