Boots botanics microdermabrasion polish

I have been on the look out for a microdermabrasion polish for a little while now and i have been wanting to try the no7 one but can never find it at my local store, i came across this from the boots botanics range just by chance as i saw they had change all their packaging and the packaging looks really nice and i have read good reviews on the botanics range. I purchased this for £7.99 which i think is a bargain for what it does to my skin.

It states to "banishes dull skin for a renewed radiance, enriched with protective ginkgo. An intensive micro-polishing treatment for a salon experience" and i 100% agree, when i used to work in the salon we used to use a CACI microdermabrasion machine which was a costly treatment for clients but it did give great results and i used to have regular treatments, although it has alot of other features it did used to help with my scaring, i have been looking for a product to do something similar at home and i honestly think this has the same effect on my skin. As i have said before i have suffered from acne and have alot of scaring on my chin and around my mouth which i hate and I'm very conscious of, I'm always on the look out for a product to help but no matter what hype they have nothing really seems to work, since using this however i have noticed my scaring has faded

It says to use once a week after cleansing the skin, i have been using it twice a week just because i think my skin needs it, i have only been using it for a month and my scaring has reduced and the overall feel of my skin is amazing its so soft and for once in its life look radiant and has a nice glow. 

I use about a large pea sized amount on my finger tips and apply it to the skin in circular motions concentrating mainly around my mouth area where i have the scaring. The granules  are about the size of sugar and i think it does feel quite rough on the skin but i like that because i feel i know its doing something, after i have applied it i rinse my face with warm water . After using it my skin is quite red and a little sore but feels tight and fresh and when i wake up in the morning my skin looks fantastic and my makeup applies so much easier and nicer. overall this is a product which needs to be tried even if you dont have problem scaring and just want to bring a radiance to the skin this is the product for you!



  1. really want to give this a go! tired of buying face washes and theres like no bead things in them!

    Natali xox

  2. yea i know what you mean, this honestly works for me and its a great product :)


  3. Looks great, I'll have tot ry it out :) x

  4. really want to give this a go! tired of buying face washes and theres like no bead things in them!


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