Fake tans..

As the weather picked up the other week i think everyone was sunning themselves by the beach or in their gardens, however if you were unlucky enough to be like me and stuck in work or pregnant and find it as twice as hot and cant sit in the sun then you were grabbing for the fake tan!

Fake tan can be either your best friend or your worst enemy! I think alot of people are scared of the orange patchy tan but most fake tans have come along way and its just finding the rite one which works with your skin and colour, there are so many fake tans out there whether its a nice natural tan or a deep dark Essex style tan you can find it in a bottle out there.

Just a quick one on Sun beds

I used to have a sun bed addiction, i love the tan they give and how quick and easy they are without the long process of fake tanning, the bad smell and the dirty sheets! however I'm 22 and have sun damage on my forehead and under my eyes and also on my chest, and as everyone is aware the risk of skin cancer but we all still use them. I have now learnt that there not worth the horrible pigmentation and have been using fake tan for years!

Gradual tanners

These are two of mine and also by fiances favourite gradual tanners (however i bought the dove with added shimmer which he didn't appreciate lol), i have tried alot of moisturisers with a hint of self tan but these are my favourite.

Dove summer glow

This is my No1 gradual tan, i use the one for normal to dark skin as i think the light one doesn't give very much colour and with one coat of the dark you get a really nice natural tan, i usually use this in between when i apply my fake tan moose, or in the colder seasons i will use this for 3 continues days and it gives a really nice natural tan.

* natural easy tan
*nice colour
*The smell isnt over powering
*Comes off evenly
*priced very fair

Cons: * Transfers quite alot on the bed sheets

Palmer's cocoa butter natural bronze

Pros:* very moisturising
*not much colour pay off but can be built to be a nice colour
*Packaging, love the pump as its easy and clean
*Has vitamin e

* The smell- theres something about the smell i its a really over powering coco smell and even when you wash it off its still there.

Wash off tans!

Wash off tans are great for those last minute plans where you haven't got time to put the fake tan on and need a quick fix, I'm not a fan of putting of fake tan i.e st.mortiz moose and then going straight out, it always smells like fake tan and i feel like i look like a dirty mud monster so i prefer wash off tans for those quick fixes! one down side to these are if your caught in the rain it does usual come off in a strange spotty pattern :) nice!

Rimmel sun shimmer maxi instant tan

* Easy to use
*Smells nice, reminds me of that holiday smell
*long lasting
*Very dark!

*Has a little tint of orange

Fake tanning mousse

My favourite type of tans are the mouse tan, 

St moriz

* The price around £4.99
*Easy to get, i buy mine from tesco
* With two coats give the perfect colour tan

 cons: *When this tan starts to wear off it does go patchy and is hard to exfoliate off.

St tropez

*Smells nice
*Wears off evenly
*great colour

*The price, this tan is around £25

Super drugs solait bronzing foam

I Have read really good reviews on this tan but just never tried it before. I bought this last week and it is honestly the best tan i have ever tried. 
I bought the dark tan which says its new and has nearly double the DHA of other tans. This tan is seriously amazing if you like a nice dark golden tan and have £6.99 to spare i would highly recommend everyone to go and try this!!

* Goes on like dream!
* Amazing colour after one coat 
* Dark tan
*Wears off evenly 
*Priced a £6.99!!
*Even on the face, and doesn't break me out

* one thing is the smell, some people will like it but its like a cheap chocolate smell 


  1. nice post!i have the st moritz and it gets so patchy.so i tried to make a gradual tan with st moritz and moisturizer.could you tell me with the dove how long does it take to see some color to your skin?

    sophie xx


  2. Hi hun, I just found your blog there and I absolutly love it! :) I'm definatly trying the Solait tan:D If only St Tropez wasnt so expensive!: (
    Definatly following! xx

    1. awww thank you so much! thats such a sweet comment



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