Revlon lip butters - Lollipop & Strawberry shortcake

Lollipop, strawberry shortcake

Strawberry shortcake


Another blogger hype i have been sucked into lol was the Revlon lip butters. I highly rate Revlon as a brand and is probably what i like to think of a higher drug store brand and probably one of the best you can buy on the high street.
I picked up two of the butters one in lollipop and the other in strawberry shortcake, these two colour were the two that caught my eye. They cost £7.99 and there are quiet alot of shades i just think these two were most like my normal lip colour i like. lollipop is a vibrant blue toned pink and is very pigmented and strawberry shortcake is a nude pink, They have the stain of a lipstick and the hydration of a lip balm, i have really dry lips and since being pregnant for some reason my lips are really dry. I don't usually like a glossy lipstick or that sticky feeling you get from a lip gloss so i didn't think i would rate these, but they are lovely and they stay well for a lip butter and have the colour of a lipstick so a but better than your normal Vaseline i think most people go for who have dry lips, the only down side is i do tend to see them as lipsticks so i want them to stay all day but i did find myself reapplying alot more than id like, another down side is they tend to mush around the package when you twist up and down.
Also the packaging on these is really pretty i like how they have colour co-ordinating lids and they look a more like a lipstick than a butter.

Does anyone else like these and what colours would you recommend?


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  1. I love that Lollipop colour, I've been trying not to get sucked into this hype but you've sold me. Off to Superdrug tomorrow then...

    B xxx


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