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Hey everyone! First of all i would like to say thank you to the followers i have at the moment it really means alot that someone in interested in my little space on the net and hopefully some of the things i have to say are helpful to someone :)

I have been on the hunt for a new foundation and have been searching "drug stores" i.e boots for new foundation to try as for some reason since being pregnant my skin has changed and is reacting differently to makeup and skin care (another joy of being pregnant lol) My favourite foundation of all time is my Revlon colour stay, its has good coverage a decent price and will last me all day however at the moment I'm having a love hate relationship with it i don't know why and i cant put my finger on it but it just isn't working that great with my skin at the moment. As pregnancy is a small term thing i don't want to buy a high end foundation because i think my skin will just go back to how it was.
 My skin is acne prone dry, red and has scaring from my teens when i did have acne. Since being pregnant my skin surprisingly has cleared and i haven't had an issue with my spots, my usual dry spots seem more oily and i do have that healthy pregnancy glow, and because i have that i want to take advantage of it and use a lighter foundation which complements the "glow" and is easy to apply as i think i need to get into a quick easy routine for when the baby comes, one where I'm not trying to blend for ages so i have been using a heavy concealer for my scaring and trying these foundations out.

BOURJOIS 123 perfect, Revlon photo ready airbrush, Rimmel wake me up foundation.

I apply all of these foundations with the real techniques stippling brush.

Bourjois 123 perfect: This foundation is currently £6.99 in boots. I picked up the shade 51 by mistake but the one thing i did notice is the colour range is rubbish. 
This foundation claims to have 3 correcting pigments:

1,yellow pigments: Anti-dark circles
2,mauve pigments: Anti-dull complexion
3, green piments:Anti-redness

Its also claims that it creates a flawless complexion even to perfection for up to 16hrs.....

Now on paper this looks like my dream foundation, and i do like it, its a medium coverage and gives my skin a nice finish and does conceal the redness but it sits on top of my scaring and kind of highlights them more than cover them. It doesn't last 16 hrs but does have a bit of staying power and this foundation mixed with my Revlon colour stay is the perfect foundation, its like the missing link at the moment :) happy days

Rimmel wake me up foundation:

Out of all the foundations this is my favourite and the one i was most surprised with, I have always disliked rimmel foundations i think because when i first started buying foundation my first one was from rimmel it was orange i had that dreaded line was cakey and just a disaster in general,,, ohhh how far me and makeup have come haha. I always remember that smell rimmel foundations have and the downside to this foundation is it has the same play doughy smell which most people seem to like but i really dislike it.
Smell aside this foundation is surprisingly good. Its a anti fatigue effect + radiant glow with SPF 15 and i would say its a medium to full coverage with a good concealer and my MAC MSF natural over the top it lasts me my working day. It seems to brighten my skin in the morning and has a really nice dewy glow which i have been looking for. Over all its a great foundation and for £8.99 you cant go wrong apart from the smell this is my current foundation.

Revlon Photoready airbrush: Saved the best till last.... no way this foundation is horrendous (sorry revlon) as i have said before i am a really big fan of revlon and i do love their foundations and i do use the normal Revlon photo ready foundation on days where i want a lighter finish and from reading some reviews this is supposed to be very similar.

Its a mouse makeup and when pumped comes out like a bubbly foamy mess

CAUTION: you may be thinking geez that's alot but this is from a little tap of the lid WASTE!

I don't really like to bash product that much, but i try to be as honest as i can so i will keep this a short as possible, its not great at all and in my opinion is nothing like the normal photo ready foundation, its weird in texture and when applied to the skin is streaky and just doesn't seem to blend.

What are your favourite foundations?



  1. revlon photo ready is my go to everyday foundation i just love it and for special occasions/nights out i use estee lauder double wear :) xX

  2. HAHA, I tried that revlon mouse thing in superdrug and I literally had it ALL over. What a mess, there's no way I could contend with that every morning. Great post, I really want to try the wake me up foundation.

    B xxx


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