Maybelline colour tattoo 24 hrs eyeshadows

I finally got my hands on these maybelline colour tattoo cream eye shadows i probably a bit late on this hype but they were so hard to get hold of for me. Ive been searching for these for a while and i finally found them in a local boots but most of the colours were sold out, they are currently selling for £4.99 at boots and as I'm sure everyone is aware boots have a 3 for 2 across their hair and beauty products so you can get one free :) and we all love a freebie!

Firstly i picked up on and on bronze and immortal charcoal 

On and On bronze

Immortal Charcoal

When i first swatched these two colours i was so impressed by the colour pay off for a drug store product, i will be honest i wasn't expecting great things but they were really really pigmented and a nice smooth creamy texture and a small amount goes a long way.
On and on bronze is a lovely golden bronze and is a colour i really like to wear on a daily basis and i think it will suit everyone, it has a great colour pigment but with the shimmer doesn't go on as smooth and even as i would like.
Immortal charcoal... this is my favourite colour of all, its so pigmented and goes on so smooth and even and is a great base for a smokey eye, out of all of them i would recommend buying this one if like me you love a smokey eye.

Endless purple

Eternal Gold

A few day later i picked up endless purple and eternal gold from a different boots as they were the only two colours they had. 
Eternal gold is a basic gold with shimmer through it and to me is the same colour as half baked from the naked one pallet and when i swatched this colour on my hand it was lovely, However when i used it on my eyes i really didn't like it that much, i think because its got the shimmer in it, it kind of clumps on the eye and doesn't go on very smooth or even so i was a little disappointed and i did end up wiping it off and think i will keep this just as a base when i figure out how to make it work for me.

Endless purple, i will be honest..... this colour sucks i wouldn't bother buying it unless you wear purple on a daily basis and is a need colour for you, it isn't very pigmented at all and you cant even build it because it goes clumpy and a really weird texture, it seems to settle into the creases and cling to the slightest bit of dryness.

Overall i do like these but they are eyeshadow bases not eyeshadows and i dont like them on their own. The pigmentation is fantastic and i dont know about lasting 24 hrs but i used immortal charcoal on its own for a day just to see how it lasted and it lasted all day, it didnt crease or fade and i had to scrub my eyes with a makeup wipe to try and remove so i do think these are long lasting eyeshadow bases and i dont have anything like it in my collection so their a great product to have.

Hope every one had a great easter and looking forward to going back to work tomorrow booooo


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