Chanel Soleil Tan De - Bronze Universal

I recently purchased the Soleil Tan De Chanel, formally known as Bronze universal. Theres been alot of hype for a few years on this product, which has had both alot of negative and positive feedback and i finally took the plunge and bought it to try for myself. It retails for around £29 in debenhams.
This product is supposed to be a bronzing base for your foundation however i don't know if I'm the only one but i don't really think this would work under my foundation..... unless i was going for the umpa lumpa look that day :/

I, and i think most people use it as a bronzer or contouring the cheek bones. Its a cream base bronzer but its has a hard moose like texture and when you touch it is silky and very smooth, not sticky or greasy as i thought it would be and has no shimmer. 

The colour is a deep bronze and has golden undertones and a slight orange tone, but not in a unpleasant way and i do like that colour bronzer. If its used very lightly it can be very natural or for more of a deeper glow you can build up a colour to suit your skin tone or how deep you would like the colour to be.
I use this with my real techniques stippling brush, when i first used it i used it with a brush that shreds and all the hairs got into it and was a nightmare to get out but the real techniques stippling brush works with this product really well. 

This is now my everyday bronzer and i do like alot of bronzer as you can tell lol and this just works perfectly and is really easy to apply, now one thing and i had to learn this the hard way is that less really is more with this product. When i first had this i didn't want to mark the moose as it looked so nice (sad i know) so i was just dabbing the brush gently on top and gave a nice bronze glow to my cheeks, i then got a little "dab" happy and started to dab the brush then swirl it, in the unnatural light in my room it looked fine, but then when i looked in a different mirror in natural light it was like i scooped it up with my fingers slapped it on my face and then dragged my fingers down my face a little... not the best look. So i think the best thing is to dab not swirl the brush and build it up and only have a small amount on the brush at a time as a little really does go a long way :)

And not to mention the package, i love Chanel's packaging it so simple and sophisticated.

Is this anyone else favourite bronzer?



  1. I would love to try this out! so expensive tho, definitely a must next time i get paid. You blended it really well too it looks great! x

    1. thank you, it think its really worth a try


  2. Oh my, I'm so jealous. I really want it but it's so much moeny...but it does look really beautiful. Is that a good enough reason to buy it?

    B xxx

    1. that why i bought it lol i think it will last such a long time so i think the price is worth it :)


  3. just found your blog and i love it hun!
    newest follower <3
    say hi back sometime?

  4. Ahh Thank you... going to go and read your blog now :)



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