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I have been reading alot on blogger recently about real techniques brushes, they are created by one of the two famous sisters on you tube Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo, i have been watching the sisters since i started watching youtube a few years ago their tutorials are amazing and as their both makeup artist i feel they give the best advice and they seem like really genuine women. 
They state that the brushes give high definition results and create a pixel-perfect look. After reading many blogs and watching videos on youtube and pixiwoos tutorials using the real techniques brushes i decided to start searching where i could get my hands on some of these, to my surprise they actually stock them in boots! how amazing is it that from starting youtube channels they now stock brushes in boots?! crazy! 

I had a few points on my boots advantage card so i didn't actually have to pass with any of my pennies to buy these. I think there are 3 different sets and then single brushes, there are 3 steps, flawless base, enhanced eyes, perfect finish which are all colour co-ordinated.

I picked up the core collection set £21.99 and the stippling brush £11.99. Each brush head is apparently hand cut to the perfect shape. The brushes are made from taklon bristles which is 100% synthetic and 100% cruelty free which is great to see in any product.

Stippling brush
This brush seems to have the best reviews for foundation its a dual-fibre stippling brush, i have tried it for my foundation, its ok and i would definitely recommend for foundation however i found it an even better use with my Chanel - soleil tan DE Chanel it seems to be perfect with any cream bronzer and as most other brushes can shed in my Chanel bronzer this doesn't and is perfect for this product, alot of people said they don't like the pink brush with the black handle and don't like the fact it stands up, now i really like the over all package of this brush and although most of my brushes are in my brush holder this is standing on my dressing table and looks really pretty there. The actually brush is really good quality its so soft and seems as though it will last and haven't had any shredding i have also washed these brushes and they dried really quickly and are the same as when they were brand new.

Core collection

*Contour brush: This is a medium tapered dome brush that can be used with bronzer to contour or what i personally use it for is highlighter it is amazing for giving that glow to the tops of my cheekbones

*Pointed foundation brush: I think this is too small to be a foundation brush, i don't really like it for foundation, i prefer this for under eye concealer it is really lovely under the eyes with any concealer.

*Detailer brush: hmm not alot to really say about this brush probably my least favourite out of the set, it states it is precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas, which it does do but i just prefer my finger to blend it in.

*Buffing brush: without a doubt my favourite brush many people use it for buffing in their powder i use it for both my foundation as it applies it amazingly and give me that full coverage with airbrush finish and definitely makes my foundation which at the moment is Revlon photo ready look amazing on my skin. It is also amazing at buffing in my powder over the foundation its really is a great brush i want to get another one so i can have one for foundation and one for powder but it does only come in the core collection

All the sets come with a panoramic case, which is a black case which can bend and stand by pulling the toggle or great for travailing, when i bought these i went away for a long weekend and instead of being thrown I'm my makeup bag they were kept nicely in the case which causes minimal damage, happy days!

For the price of these brushes i highly recommend them, they have taken place of some of my other brushes including mac which you can pay at least £21.99 for one brush where as you get four for that, amazing! and they are easy to get hold of and have alot of reviews here on blogger and youtube

If anyone reads this and has tried any of these brushes or any others from the collection please let me know your thoughts and recommendations :)

Lots Of Love


  1. I bought the Real Techniques stippling and powder brushes yesterday and gave them a quick test this morning. I tried the stippling brush with my powder blusher, but found that my normal blusher brush works better, so I'm going to try it with liquid foundation tonight! The powder brush just made my skin have a really smooth finish, i'm excited to try the rest! :) x

    1. Yea apparently the stippling brush is good for blusher, I think the powder brush is next on my list, would recommend the core collection. My fiancé bought me the eyeshadow set tonight can't wait to try that, let me know how you get on with foundation x


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