Pregnancy update week 23

As I'm a mum to be i have been reading a few baby blogs and have seen this tag going around i mainly read it every week on Anna saconne and thought i would post my own like a small diary each week. I am 23 weeks i have had both my 12 week and 20 week scan and know that i am having a baby girl and i am so over the moon. Overall i have had a good pregnancy i am showing now and dont look like i have just eaten a big dinner :) 

How far along? 23 weeks and 4 days

Total weight gain: I have probably gained nearly a stone :( I'm not 100% sure what my weight was before the pregnancy and have really been keeping a keen eye on it

Maternity clothes? yes, I'm usually a size 10 and from about week 18 i couldn't fit or feel comfortable in them, i started buying a 12 but still not the comfy factor, I'm now mainly in my maternity leggings which are so comfy and vest tops i bought from new look. New look has a great maternity range and would recommend for any new mums out there to try.

Stretch marks? No, luckily my mum has never had one stretch mark with her four children so i am hoping to be them same, but knowing my luck.... but at the moment no :)

Sleep: In my first trimester all i could do is sleep but now its getting uncomfortable as my bump grows bigger. I usually lay on my front but cant any more i have to try and sleep on my side and i getting terrible pains in the tops of my thighs so i am trying to sleep with a pillow between my legs but may need to invest in a pregnancy pillow

Best moment this week: Receiving some amazing knitted goods my nans friend made me, a load of cardigans and some beautiful blankets you honestly couldn't buy them so cute.

Miss anything? my figure and a painless nights sleep :( I must admit even though i know I'm gaining weight because of a baby growing inside me and its an amazing beautiful thing, i cant help but look at other girls and the amazing summer clothing coming out and wish i was slim again

Movement: so much movement, this little one hasn't stopped, mainly when I'm laid in bed or sat at work i can feel her kicking away, my fiance also can now feel her kicks from putting his hands on my tummy which is an amazing feeling for any new dad  

Food cravings: not had any strange cravings in my pregnancy

Anything making you queasy or sick: bad smells!

Gender: I found out at 18 weeks we were having a little girl :) 

Labor signs: I don't know if I'm too early for braxton hicks but i did certainly feel something along those lines

Symptoms: sore boobs, aching back, terrible aching at the top of my things, and shortness of breath! isn't pregnancy fun! lol

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: usually happy, do tend to have the odd mood swing when I'm tired or agitated 

Looking forward to:my 4d scan which i will hopefully be booking for 27 weeks and to hold my baby girl in my arms when the time comes :)

Any one else currently pregnant and done one of these tags? please link in the comments i good to know what other pregnant women are going through :)

Thanks guys 


  1. Ah :) I love reading pregnancy updates! Good luck for your little one hun and im now following you blog <3 xxxx

  2. Ahh thank you so much :) cant wait for her to finally be here.

    also thank you for following :D



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