Mini MAC Lipstick Haul

I took a trip to my local MAC today and picked up 3 lipsticks i haven't purchased a MAC lipstick for a while now and i fancied something new to add to my collection. I mainly went to buy the Nicki minaj viva glam lipstick but when i swatched it i wasn't too keen, i am wishing i bought it though so will probably go back and buy that. I love the quality of MAC lipsticks their long lasting and most of them are very moisturising to the lips even the amplified cream lipsticks. The lipsticks sell for £13.50 each : o the price seems to rise on these bad boys all the time but hey ho everyone loves MAC and at the moment in debenhams when you spend over £40 you get £5 off... every little helps.

*Top left- lady gaga viva glam
*Bottom right -  Pink nouveau
*Bottom right - Girl about town

I have had my eye on the lady gaga viva glam lipstick for a while but thought it was only limited edition and didn't realise you could still purchase it, so when i saw it in MAC i had to buy it, its a lovely baby pink but still a little amplified when on the lips.

Pink nouveau and girl about town look similar in the pics but its because the pics were taken on my iphone and couldn't get the real colour sorry, but girl about town is a more brighter deeper pink and is a amplified cream lipstick where as pink noveau is more of a baby tone bright pink both very lovely pinks 

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks and does anyone have the nick Minaj viva glam??

Lots Of Love


  1. I love the lipsticks you picked up! I love Angel and Viva Glam Nicki.. I really recommend them both! X

    1. Thank you, I have angel love that lipstick but it's running low Need to re purchase, def think viva nicki will be next that for the advice :) x

  2. Love the colour of those lipsticks! they're gorgeous.
    now following your blog :) check out my mine?


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