Fake Bake Tanning Mousse

I recently purchased Fake Bake luxurious golden bronze mousse after hearing such good things about fake bake and their spray tans and how the colour is always amazing and a deep bronze tan i have always wanted to try their tans. As the sun starts to shine a little bit more it means the tan comes out, i wanted to try a new tan instead of st tropez or st moritz as i wanted a dark golden tan that was streak free and dried quickly.
when looking around my local boots the other day i saw they had stocked Fake Bake and was so excited to buy it and try it at home. There were a few different tans but i personally like how mousse tans apply so i went for the mousse it was around £25 and looking at the box i thought id get a decent size bottle like st tropez so was ok with the price
The directions on the bottle states *shake well before use, nighttime application is recommended. best if left 4-6 hours after application for maximum penetration and longer lasting tan once developed, rinse away colour guide using warm water only. apply as often as desired to achieve your desired tan*
I was firstly disappointed with the size of the bottle its 120ml and compared to the box it was tiny.


I exfoliated my skin the night before and applied a generous amount with a tanning mitt in the usual way, the tan went on lovely and smooth no streaks easy to apply and didn't smell that bad, i had to stand a little while with the hair dryer as it is a little wet and did take a long time to try


The tan started to get darker and darker even to the point i though uh oh this is going to be dark but will get the result i wanted......WRONG! 


I left the tan to develop over night and when i woke up i stank of fake tan my sheets were covered in tan which i expect from any tan i then looked in the mirror and i don't know how this is possible but as it developed over night it looked like the tan had got lighter?! i washed it off with warm water and honestly i was so disappointed i wasted my money, time, bed sheets and a night of "the tannin process"to be left with a tiny hint of tan on my arms nothing on my chest legs or back i was as white as my usual white self it just washed away in the shower, i quickly went and read the bottle again to make sure i hadn't picked up a wash off tan,,,but no it was a instant tan. If your thinking of buying a tan don't waste your money on this, after reading other reviews I'm not the only one with the issue.

I had such high hopes but will never purchase this tan again 
Has any one else tried this tan?

Lots of love

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  1. Loving your blog, ive just finished reading all your posts. new follower right here! congrats on your pregnancy :) xX


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