Blonde shampoo for white blonde hair

I have been a blonde most of my life i had white blonde hair when i was younger and as i grew older my hair went darker into a dark dirty blonde. As my hair went darker i started to discover bleach and have it went from a few high light to a full head bleach. I think since i was 13 i have always craved the white/platinum hair and i dislike brassy yellow tone blonde. How i achieve this is with a purple bleach and a toner which gives me as close to white/platinum as i think i can get but after a couple of weeks its starts to dull and go a little brassy. between bleaches i think the only way to keep the yellow tones at bay is with a purple shampoo.

I have tried many and i think they all do the same job but here are some of my favourite affordable shampoos 

John Frieda blonde colour renew
This is the shampoo i will use on a regular basis i usually wash my hair every other day. This shampoo can be used on a daily basis unlike other shampoos which can turn your hair a purple or pink tone if used to often or left on too long, this however i LOVE! it tones my hair not too much its purple but just enough to give it that white none brassy blonde i usually leave it on for 3-5 Min's and follow with conditioner. It cost about £5.89 in boots but is usually always on offer like buy one get one free etc

lee Stafford Bleach BLondes shampoo
Now do i think this is the miracle shampoo everyone says it is??? YES i 100% think it is amazing especially if your hair is just highlighted, as my hair is dry from being over processed this does tend to cling to my hair and i have to be really careful it doesn't turn my hair pink,,, yes pink although its a very deep purple shampoo i can only leave it on for 2-3 Min's max and wash it off thoroughly or my hair has a pink tint until i wash it next, however when only left for a couple of Min's it give my hair a lovely baby white tone with no brassyness at all, it also smells amazing and the smell last for ages on my hair. price £6.12 form boots

PRO:VOKE touch of silver twice a week/daily maintenance shampoo
This shampoo is around £3!!! and it again is amazing probably my most favourite shampoo of all the purple shampoos i have tried, however as it is so purple with my hair i have to mix a little conditioner into the shampoo just to tone it down a little as it is very strong and takes really quick but if i don't have a toner i will use this in its place as it is AMAZING i cant rave enough about this product and think anyone who is a bleach blonde and wants to get rid of any brassy tones or make their hair whiter they should use this, its affordable and a amazing toning shampoo, you can also get a daily maintenance shampoo which i don't think really does very much but your supposed to use the daily maintenance shampoo daily and the twice a week brightening shampoo.....twice a week lol

*Bottom left: john Frieda sheer blonde colour renew
*Second left: PRO:VOKE touch of silver twice a week 
*Above PRO:VOKE daily maintenance shampoo
*Far right lee Stafford BLEAch BLondes

My routine is to usually use the john Frieda shampoo on a daily basis and when i first bleach and tone my hair i will shampoo it with the touch of silver brightening shampoo mixed with a little conditioner and use the lee Stafford once a week just to keep the white tone.

ALSO...... a big tip i found very useful if from toner or purple shampoo you do get a purple or pink tone you just need to give your hair a detox which is basically using the cheapest shampoo you can find i picked up tescos own shampoo for a couple of pence
 Theres something in the cheap shampoos which strip the purple, and i have tried it and it really does work

Hope this helped someone :)

Lots Of Love



  1. I use the ProVoke shampoos too, they're the best thing I've tried for blonde hair x

  2. I need to get one of these. The water in my area really is unkind to my hair and makes it go orangy!!

  3. I've been looking for some new product for bright blonde hair, thank you!!! xx

  4. This Is really awesome!!! (: thank you for the advice!(= I have been trying appointment hard to turn my hair white!(: I hope this works((: also have you used ion color solutions cool blonde shampoo and or conditioner? If so did it work for your hair?:0 i had a redish color in my with my blondish/white hair, it has lighted my hair alottt!!! I also use ion repair soultions effective care but that does'nt work as weel ... my hair feels dry in my bangs and tips of my hair after i use it do you know any good/cheap repair solutions? My ion stuff(shampoo/conditioner) cost $18.00 plus tax but i got the repair soultions for free cuz of a deal ... it cost $8.99 for just that bottle :c any advice?

  5. It was helpful..i'm following you! hope you'll do the same!Thanks for sharing. checkout here for more info


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